Wataru Tomita
Extreme … Wataru Tomita

Actress Tomita Nozomi actress who is drawing attention in the drama “3 year A group – now you are a hostage -” live on the information variety program “Shikkiri” broadcast on the 20th. Talking about the past that increased by 15 kilograms in two months to create a role, he is calling out “great” and “actress soul” with an echo.

Tomita made an actress debut in the movie ‘ Solomon’s false certificate before the incident ‘ in 2015 . She is currently attracting attention as a young talent, she dared to make a thorough role already from his debut work, “false proof of Solomon”. Although he was a junior high school student at the time, he tried to shoot with a phenomenal body remodeling that it increased by 15 kilos in two months.

On this day, when asked about the increase from Ko Kato of the program MC “When I was about to circle?”, “I did not think at all.” The first role I got for the first time Tomita turned back to me, thinking that it was natural that he was more happy because he was. “I think that there was probably a tough part of the body, but I did not think there was something painful or painful (spiritually) against the thing of fat,” revealed the feeling of the time.

It was reported in the past that we increased the 15 kilograms for the purpose of making a role, but it seems that there were a lot of people who knew for the first time by being told in this day program and was shocked. On the Internet there is a series of reactions that “surprise!” “To want to cheer”, “fun from now on” and “respect”.

” Chia Dan – School girls caught the whole country with cheerades in cheerleading romantic story ” ” SUNNY strong feelings · strong love ” “I can run through the universe” and demonstrate its presence, and Hirose Tsu serve as the heroine NHK Tomita has also decided to appear in continuous television novel “Nazisora”. One of the students who is made hostage to Hiiragi in front of high school graduation, Uozumi, “A 3-year class A” which depicts the art teacher Hiiragi Shigi ( Sugita Masaki ) approaching the truth of the death of the student She plays the flower.


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