16-08-2019 Bigg Boss Tamil 3 16th August 2019 Vijay Tv Show: Written Episode Updates

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Fans have demanded that the red card be sent out to blackmail Kikkuri at Pikpas house and intimidate him. The clash at the Bigpas house is getting stronger day by day. Gavin is ugly every second. The woman is taunting him without seeing any evidence of her age. Gavin has not only taunted but also turned the entire gang against Kasturi.

Speaking of will Kasturi reiterated how Gavin played with the sentiments of four women today. Angered by this, Gavin spoke to the four men as they wished.

Cavaticcuruven He screams terribly if I talk about it anymore. At that time, his gangsters comfort him.

Mahad shouted to Mumtaz Last season, Mahath shouted at Mumtaz. For that he was given a red card and dropped out of the show.

Red Card for Gavin? Similarly, the Nattisans are questioning whether Kamal Haasan will be evicted with a red curt. It was common in the Bigpas house to slap women, shout at women and break things.

Rising Crime Rates Gavin had earlier screamed at Sakshi in the bathroom as Luisa Nee. Kamal Haasan did not see. This is why the crime rates on Gavin are increasing day by day. The question is whether he will take action against Kamal Gavin.

Stop the show How does Gavin scream musk, using words like this. Not even respect for his age. Mumtaz was handed out a red card with a knife. Now if Gavin doesn’t pull out like that, stop the show, says Nettison.

Madhumita who participated in the Pikpas event did not speak out or speak about others. He asks for a little more thought in the wrong mind. Madhumita handled that situation even during the whole housemates fight. Thus the people supported Madhumita.

Old hatred But Sandy and Gavin turned against Madhumita by the word ‘Tamilpennu’ that Madhumita initially said. Later, when others understood and appreciated the friendship, they both kept that fear in mind.

Heavy Movement Madhumita reacted harshly to Sandy during a village task at a recent Bigpas home. The reason is that even if you know Madhumita is sick, Sandy put on a heavy movement and go to the bathroom.

So angry Madhumita, laughing at the next weeping, asked if it was a mop. He also boldly pointed out Sandy’s mistakes.

This is why Sandy’s ex-wife, Kajal, became angry with Madhumita. Kajal would cheer him on when he complained about what Madhumita did.

There be a lack of affection? On that basis, Kajal retweeted his Twitter page on LaMulia Madhumita today. Whatever the ex-husband, the lack of affection!


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