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Tasks for Ticket to Finale take place at the Bigg Boss house this week. The Bigg Boss Season 3 show is almost nearing its end. Vanitha left yesterday. There are currently seven contestants in the Bigg Boss household: Cheran, Kavin, Darshan, Sandy, Muken, Losliya and Sherin. Competition among competitors is expected to increase in the coming days as the finale approaches.

As promised, the Task for the Ticket to the Finale, which goes directly to the final week, is being held this week. The contestant’s enthusiastic footage is featured in today’s first promo. There are scenes of Cheran saying ‘I want it’.

Bigg Boss has been given the task on the first day as a variety of tasks such as rope tying, balloon tying. The task is to correct the fans’ perception that they have not been given a proper physical task since the beginning of the season.

16-09-2019 Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Vijay tv Show

This is why the competitors have been waiting for this day. His fans, who have been watching Losliya play, have been hailing Mass. Cheran is not sure how he is going to tackle these tasks.

And competitors have created a ranking among themselves. Accordingly, the task of competitors standing on the podium today. This will definitely give rise to rivalry. Especially in this case, it seems that Losliya will be fighting between Kavin and Cheran.

Nittisans are severely criticizing Bigg Boss as the Tasks for Ticket to Pinale.

Always get tickets to the hard task. But this time, Big Boss has been giving the contestants easy tasks, from the beginning to the end of the match.

Therefore, the tasks that have been given to the luxury budget in the past seasons are often the most difficult ones to grieve the body. But not this time.

As Kamal said, the rivals are like tourists, and the Bigg Boss is home. Village Tasks, Puppetry, and Thief Police are often jolly tasks. This is why Big Boss has given Ticket to Pinale a simple task.

But the Nittisans got angry at this. They scold you for giving you a fun task, such as balloon-breaking to the Ticket to Pinnacle task. Lemon spoon compete for the sake of competition.

The balloon is filled with air, musical add-ons, bananas .. It is a tough task to give.

Most of the netizens are the source of the Bigg Boss, giving the little ones unique tasks and ugly rivals. They are scolding Bigg Boss for saying that you are still serious.

Bigg Boss has a big plan behind the eviction of Vanitha from the Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss Vanitha has been dominating the Bigg Boss show to the surprise of people. But it was only the third week he was expelled from the Big Boss house.

He was later brought back into the Bigg Boss house as a wildcard contender. Vanitha, who gave the continents a look as expected, quit the show again yesterday.

Vanitha was a biggie in the Bigg Boss house, no matter who she spoke to. This caused people to miss out on the continents once he was discharged.

But in the wake of Vanitha’s departure or the plan for the upcoming episodes, Bigg Boss is said to have a different plan. That means the Bigg Boss show is nearing its end. Still, it is not possible to drive home alone with quarrels.

Already, the show is moving as epic as it sounds, Big Paza no serial. Netizens lament the war as a love, friendship and family sentiment. So, the competition to force rivals to die in Axon has come to Bigg Boss.

If Vanitha is still inside the Bigg Boss house, she will have some problem coming through. So they say they sent him out. Just like Vanitha had told the contract okay because her kethe would go in if the problem was not done.

Bigg Boss 3 competitor Losliya is currently getting a lot of cinema and serial opportunities!

Losliya Marianesan Viralanar in Tamil Nadu with Bigpass 3 show By the time he walked into the Bigpass, he had millions of fans.

But people began to criticize him. Like Ovia, he has a lot of fans on the Internet. He has the Army.

Losliya, a Sri Lankan Tamil speaker, went viral with her pranks. The Bigpass 3 show is currently reaching its final stage. Since Losliya has not yet been eliminated, questions have arisen as to whether she is likely to win the trophy.

Likewise, the Raja Rani serial which was aired on Vijay TV has been a big hit. The second part is out. They say that Losliyais currently cast in Raja Rani 2. Thus the serial side is currently talking to Losliya.

Raisa got the chance to be an actress after the Bigg Boss 3 show in general. Arav is currently an actor. Hrithika, who won last season, is currently busy acting. Likewise, Losliya is currently preparing to act in cinema.

But it is not known if Losliya’s father would agree. Lazlia’s father, Marianesan, is very strict. They do not know whether he will agree to all this.

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