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Mohan Vaidya, who is participating in the Pikpas event, is very keen on giving girl house mats. Musician Mohan Vaidya is participating in Bigg Season 3 The first three days of coming home were suppressed. He took pity on the minds of the housemates by telling them his own story. Thus calling him Daddy Daddy by House Mats.

The face of truth

Mohan Vaidya also had some sentimental respect for the people. But people are just stunned by his real face that comes out day after day.

Secret speech

Yesterday, Mohan Vaidya was talking to other housemates in the dressing room with Sakshi. Then Laslia arrived. Sakshi came out to tell Mohan Vaidya that Laslia was Nice Girl.


And then look at Laslia. Oh, are you here? I have never seen a cosmic blu-blonde Mohan Vaidya. Thereby his true face was again revealed to the public.

Hug and kiss

The next thing he wants to do is to kiss the girls at the Bigpas house. The man celebrates crying over something that is nothing and hugs and kisses the women who comfort him.

Asked and bought

In addition, he enjoys life by asking women to kiss him. Fans who saw this act of theirs began to say that Sinegan was okay.

Giving and buying

Mira asked her to put on the hook of the dress, and she went to the then captain Vanita, as the order, and made a futile fight. But now Mohan Vaidya is mixing kisses and buying for women.

Julie sighed

Fans of Mohan Vaidya’s Behaving have little to like. They are being poured into the washroom. Mohan Vaidya Prani, who is not concerned with her age and her experience, has missed Julie.


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