17-08-2019 Bigg Boss Tamil 3 17th August 2019 Vijay Tv Show: Kamal Hasan Written Updates

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Actress Madhumita, who attempted suicide at the Bigg Boss house, has been promptly kicked out of the show. The Bigg Boss house has been split into two teams over the past few days. This includes Lozlia in the men’s team and Cheran in the women’s team. At first there was a fight between Kavin and Madhumita. In it, alcohol is accused of enslaving male rivals and female rivals in the Bigg Boss house. A similar fight continued yesterday. Cheran makes peace with Darshan and Madhu to talk, it ended up in another fight.

Madhumita in confusion Finally, Cheran and Vanitha advised Madhu. This caused alcohol to become depressed. He knew in his face that he was in great confusion. But he won the match for the captaincy after that.

The Nettisans claim that he won the game by winning the gold medal. The issue seems to have exploded in the Bigg Boss house as well. According to reports, the alcoholic attempted suicide.

Today’s promo seems to have been delayed because of the problem of alcoholism. In the promo, Kamal is standing in front of Kamal, talking about wine. Kamal advises him.

A few days ago, rumors circulated that Muken had slapped Vanitha. But no scenes related to it have been made. Therefore, people assumed that Madhumita’s suicide attempt would be a lie. But, Kamal’s earlier scenes with his hand resting on his attempt to commit suicide.

There is no information as to why Madhumita attempted suicide. Today’s show will reveal whether he attempted suicide because of a problem with Gavin. There are scenes like Cheran speaking in Ipromo.

Many people on Twitter have been talking about this. Fellow competitors said last week that Madhumita would go on to the final round. Kamal also admired the wine. It is in this context that he leaves the Big Boss home shocked.

The controversy over who drove Madhu to suicide attempt is rampant in social circles. Madhu is one of the contestants to win the Bigg Boss house. Madhu was also given a third position in a poll conducted by her home rivals in the presence of Kamal last week. The shocking outburst from the show has shocked his fans as he attempted suicide. They had doubts whether he had attempted suicide because of a fight with Gavin and Co.

The Avengers Team He has been fighting the Avengers team for the past two days. No matter how much the words went out of bounds, the problem remained confined. At the moment, it is not known what happened to the end of alcoholism.

However, some netizens have suggested that Cheran and musk are the reason for this decision. Due to their provocation, Madhu got into a confrontation with the Avengers team. It was Cheran who had taken up the issue of silent fasting yesterday, talking to Varsadha Darshan and causing another problem.

Similarly, Kasturi argued with him that everything he talked about was wrong. She also has a role in messing with alcohol. They confronted Gavin with alcohol as their representative. But that just doesn’t mean the wine. His argument is that Gavin’s team may have made this decision.

Vanitha is also one of the reasons for this situation of alcohol. He is the one who has tossed the bit that the men and women use in the Bigg Boss house. He got into it and got into a wine fight.

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