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Kavin’s self-reflexive darshan is being duped by his Armians. In today’s promo for the Biggbas show, Kavin is not self-conscious and hides in the crowd, Darshan said. Kavin Armiyar’s friends have so far been saying that Darshan is saying that friends are saying “We are the boys”. Darshan has been making a death knell on social networking pages since morning. As the competition has reached its final stage, the Kavin Armians are no longer claiming darshan by calling Simbu Dialog.

Kavin! A kannattula kurunjha re kannattu kattura kunnutara polonni policy all your even true old friends friends .. Darshan is not worthy of your friendship .. Nallavana two kavinu anna is not very good this fan.

Dai Darsha, Kavin has no self-thinking … You say it is a great comedy .. Voice kodungunu say that you are your voice .. This fan.

Dai Darsha, do you regret it .. no..koppapadurathanu knowla .. !! If you get out of the magic world soon.

One thing is good to know or have to go somewhere in the life of the first who does not think it is important not to go forward.

Vanitha, who left the Bigg Boss house last week, posted a few posts on her social media page. Vanitha Vijayakumar was the main contender in the Bigg Boss house. He left the Bigg Boss house the third week after the show began, and again entered as a wildcard entry. Thus the show was re-heated. Vanitha left the Bigg Boss last week as she was expected to make it to the Finals anyway.

Vanitha is the one who can speak the mind as openly as she speaks her mind about others. While he was in the Bigg Boss house at the time, there were many thrilling events as the wine was cut off, the Muggle barrier was broken, the Laszlia parents came, and Kavin’s feet were bought.

So, when Vanitha got out of the Bigg Boss house, it was expected to talk about something like that. The Nittisans waited to record something about the interviews of other contestants such as Madhu and Kasturi.

But without doing anything, Vanitha has shared photos of her daughter’s visit to Bigg Boss and dancing with Kamal on her Twitter and Instagram pages. Her fans responded by saying, “Vanitha misses you so much.”

Also, ‘whom did you come out of, Vanitha. You go to the pineal. Some of the Vanitha Armians have said in their post that they will fight for the title. Still others await your explanation for the allegations of alcohol. Eager to hear when to talk.


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