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Bigg Boss nomination process for the ninth week was interesting. BigBass, similar to last season, made only a few changes. Then he set up a telephone booth and called each of the housemates and nominated them directly. However, he said that there is a chance of escape from the nomination.

As part of the second season, Geeta Madhuri Bigbass tattooed .. This time Srimukhi is rooted. Thanesh dips his favorite jacket in the paint .. This time Ravi dipped his favorite shoes in the paint. Samrat clean shave for Tejasvi while Baba Bhaskar clean shaven for Srimukhi. But Mahesh’s nomination made a difference.

Bigg Boss, who has given similar thing in the past, did not ask you to check again. This time, Captain Vitikaanu ordered him not to look at any of the items and clothes belonging to Himaja. The Big Bass told the newspaper that it had lost some of its Himachal makeup and some clothes. Mahesh has been nominated. However, some say that Himaja has done this. However, Mahesh came into the nomination with Himaja’s work . With this, full negativity is currently on the ice.

Varun Sandesh, who has agreed to a dung task for Himaja, has been given an unexpected task. Varun had to lie in a manger for Himaja as part of the Bigg Boss Sacrifice Task. Varun was shocked when he told members about the task. What’s more … Vitika has ruled that if the groom comes to her with a pendant strap, he will not get vomit, so he will not go to bed for two days. This resulted in her missing the yoga of sleeping for a couple of days in a comfortable place next to the groom. On the other hand, while Varun Sandesh was vomiting in the dung cellar, slumping in order to bring about a vicious dust bin, Varun became a little emotional at the scene and brought tears to Varun’s followers on social media.

For his wife, Varun dumped a lot of dung in the manger and asked him how he was. This is why netizens praise Varun’s love for his wife.

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