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People say that Vanitha’s eviction on Vijay TV’s Bigpass is not the right thing to do. Reshma is very quiet, similar to Vanitha. There are no people in pickpockets that can advise, empower, make cooking delicious, and help cooks go away. Bigg Boss House Mats are the only ones who do their job. He has told Kamal that voice talk is our family property.

Beauty Vanitha

Vanitha Vijayakumar is the beautiful woman born to Manjula with the face of her father Vijayakumar. Two of the other two females have 99% of the inclination of the manjula. That is why Vanita has a unique charm. Problem in the family .. Many problems in the open air, the voices of women who speak up is a timely change.

The Yoga of Life

It is only because of his voice that he speaks of the bazaar and enjoyed it, and that it is the degradation of those who speak in that yoga should be read and left in that eye. Vanitha Pigpas could not be relieved at home, she was relieved that her third child issue was a court case, police investigation.

House Made

In the context of House Match, even outside the house, what happened to Pikpas, his family’s problem came from outside. That’s why when Vanitha left, the House Mates were talking about her being a cut lady.

She Lived

Father Vijaya Kumar is famous for his role in the film Natamayam. Her daughter Vanitha Vijayakumar lives in the Bigg Boss house. He also spoke out and said the same thing.

Just talk

Talking outside the show. It is natural for humans to speak out and to look for flaws. To be like this, people have to wonder why people don’t vote for him alone.

The Sunday Nounge

Speaking of mindfulness now, Bigg Boss has lost its homemade Big Boss concerts in the house. The World Man does not come much time and speak on the show. For many, the Bigg Boss Saturday is just enough to see. People do not know what we are talking about. They have a Bigg Boss house now, a non-existent Sunday model, Ion. Vanitha has trouble in the family, problem in the Bigg Boss family!


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