18-08-2019 Bigg Boss Tamil 3 18th August 2019 Vijay Tv Show: Kamal Hasan Written Updates

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Madhumita has given a noskett to fellow contestants while standing next to Kamal Haasan on the Bigg Boss concert stage. Madhumita at the Bigg Boss 3 house tried to commit suicide during the debate. The Bigg Boss expelled Madhumita yesterday for allegedly violating the main rule. Then Madhumita came on stage to ask Kamal whether he was talking to the housemates before leaving.

Madhumita Cheran sir, who saw the home of Bigg Boss on the local TV channel, shocked her to say ‘Namma Kasturi aka Madhu’. Madhumita clearly stated that I do not want to see any faces in this house except Cheran Sara and Kasturi stage.

Bigg Boss’s house did not expect that Madhumita would speak like that to Kamal. Sherin and Abirami, as well as the ugliness, were as ugly as they were. Madhumita Cheran asked Kasturi how are you.

Cheran advised Madhumita not to say such things to others. But he said, I will say so. Cheran sir, your struggle should continue and mistakes should be addressed. Cheran and Kasturi’s face only looked sad as Madhumita walked out. Others were like, let us go.

Looking at the wine kasturi said that timely words and your mock jokes will be strictly sema strang. Also, as far as I’m concerned, the only two people worthy of success are Sherin Gaddafi, who says that you are the only musk muster, Cheran. The audience applauded Cheran for suggesting that women should not think that such a thing should be done if alcohol and your decision is wrong. Lazlia, Gavin, and Sandy’s face were all a model for talking wine.

Kasthuri has made Vanita ugly in the Bigg Boss Promo video. Vanitha is the one who has gone after Musk as the 17th contender for Bigg Boss 3. Kasturi became almost dummy as Vanitha came. Sin and musk are the only rivals of Kandameni.

A promo video of Kamal Haasan talking about camphor has been released. Darshan, who was meek, has a character like a camphor. Kasturi said that Vattikuchi had not come in to ask Kamal Haasan where the camphor was sudden. Vanita did not face the musk’s response.

In the 2nd promo video released today, Kamal Haasan told Wanithakuchi. In this video, Kamal used the word Kamal to make Vanita ugly. Onlookers in the Bigg Boss arena cheers and whistles as Vanitha looks ugly.

The audience who saw Vanitha’s face had fun tonight. We are glad that we have a good entertainment. But the audience is sad that the silk and silk-speaking musk aka Bigg Boss has gone silent after being out. If the only big tastes like tasting tastes in the house, Vanitha says everything.

Thinking that Kasturi aka Mind Voice, they talked loudly about Vanitha. Vanitha is going to be haunted today. Considering the state of musk is a sin. Observers have said that Kasturi is going to drive Vanitha this week.


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