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Housemates are playing on a different level for the Ticket to Finale task of the Bigg Bosss event.

Tickets to the Pinkpas event Ticket to Pinnacle Tasks are underway starting this week. Two of these tasks are currently underway, according to the release of the promos.

The first task was given to the housemates’ Therma Cole-filled bag to be torn out by fellow housemates. During this task, Kavya roasted Kavya for the violation of fate.

In this case, the second task is given in the third promo. Accordingly, the image of the housemates should be stacked with the basilisas that the housemates do not break.

For this, the housemates have taken the breathtaking basilisk. Other housemates beat the ball up to break it.

Thus the housemates’ basilis are scattered. Losliya comes down to beat Darshan Basil. Similarly, Kavin and Sandy are all stunned by Darshan.

At the same time, Cheran is in a state of death panic, as if to save his appetite without looking back. Seeing this, the netizens also said that they should not fall for the Basil of the Anda Cheran.

An actress who participated in Bigg Boss Season 3 is shocked that she has no door to the cinema.

Bigg Boss in Tamilnadu has been a great success and running. The third season is currently receiving a very large reception, and the TRP is also on the rise.

Many people who attended the third season have become popular throughout Tamil Nadu. Even people who have never appeared on TV have gone viral.

Arav, Oviya, Raisa and Julie are getting a lot of cinematic opportunities that have been made famous by the first season. As well as being popular in the second season, Rithika is once again busy in cinema. Still others are starring in TV serials.

Similarly, Losliya, who has been mixing this season, already has two film opportunities. She has also gone on to star in the Raja Rani Season Serial.

But from the first season to the present, some people have gone viral on the show, but the big break in the world of cinema has been nothing. Even though they mixed heavily in the Bigg Bosss, they had little chance of real life.

In this case, a controversial heroine who attended the Pikpas event, lamented that he had no opportunity for cinema and politics. Even before that, we showed some pictures. Now it is not. Pigpas went to lament that the waste.

Similarly, we are not getting a good name on the show. People are teasing us. It is noteworthy that some of the similarly cinematic opportunities that Bigbas came up with last year had a bad reputation.

Kavin Armians has released a short film that Muken has conquered.

Tasks for Ticket to Pinelle at Bigg Boss house are underway. Tasks are expected to hit hard as the show has reached its final stage. Competitors have been struggling to get this ticket to go directly to Biennale.

Kavin, who has been embroiled in various controversies since his arrival at Bigg Boss, was praised for the first time in yesterday’s load lifting task. However, a short film has revealed that Muken Golmaal has tapped his success.

Kavin’s only job has been to engage in romantic controversies since the show began. Otherwise he has not played better than any other task. Last week, his friend Pradeep ‘beat’ this.

Kavin started to get excited about the task. This was evident in yesterday’s weight lifting task. Kavin continued to struggle as Darshan and Sandy were unable to leave.

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