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Nagarjuna Urgently Eliminate Sivaji Jodi Baboy .. This tear is not ours to cope with the river flow. One day or two, but no .. We have been watching from 60 episodes. Why Shivajyothi is crying .. For whom is not crying .. but happiness, suffering, anger, love, love, emotion, whatever emotion, Sivajyoti crying, the performances of netizens.

For that matter, host Nagarjuna has reached an agreement not to cry before speaking to Sivaji Jyoti. In the case of Ali being eliminated, it is no exaggeration to have a spectator who doesn’t laugh at Sivaji’s crying. For two days, Big Boss cried and cried in the house.

There is actually an episode called Shivaji Jyoti which means that it can be counted on the fingers. In yesterday’s episode, the blonde hair tears of joy were also shedding tears of joy.

The promo for today’s episode has been dropped by Bigg Boss organizers. In which Sivajothi has again opened the tap. Sivaji Jothi has always been an emotion in the College Task for Luxury Budget this week. Shivajyothi has become emotion .. It is impossible to stop crying.

Mukhi & Jyothi be like

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Baba Bhaskar cut the promo just like she did. Baba Bhaskar Master said it is not a funny thing .. Sivajothi tears near Rahul. If Baba Bhaskar is serious, he says, “Everyone knows what a good name you are.” Amma .. Why is Sivajyoti crying? We are not able to cope. Netizens are doing a funny troll to tell Nagarjuna Garo to stop her or make her elimination.

Reentry breaks in Bigg Boss show. Bigbas left everything in disarray, though everyone firmly believed there would be a reentry this week. While the show has been coming out on social media since then. All of the leaks are pre-empted from who gets to the show and who gets eliminated. This makes the audience lack any suspense or the original magic. Another leopers have repeatedly tweeted on social media that there will be a reentry. This time, the nomination process was not completed in a single day, further strengthening speculation. The audience also debated whether it would be better to send Ever back home.

This time Bigbas gave the original twist. Big Bomb was bombarded with the usual nomination process. As usual going to the elimination, everything sighs. This has sparked news on social media. It is questionable whether or not Bigbass will ever be brought home in a reentry that happens now or later. According to the information so far, AlirezaTalk about being on that list. However, Tamanna Sinhadri and Shilpa Emperor who made wildcard entries into the Big Bass were also running out of time. The netizens hope that their return will not be of much use. There seems to be a great deal of potential for re-entry of Strong Constant Alireza. The BigBass Reentry, which continues the elimination process this week, will finalize what a moment!

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