19-08-2019 Bigg Boss Tamil 3 19th August 2019 Vijay Tv Show: Written Updates

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Saji’s ex-wife Kajal Cheran has expressed anger over his participation in the Biggas show. Kajal was present at the Biggpas season 2. He is Sandy’s ex-wife who is currently participating in PickPass Season 3. The two of them were divorced after a disagreement. Choreographer Sandy is married to a second after last year’s BigPass Season 2.

Kajal now supports Sandy, who is currently participating in the Bigpass event, and is roasting Sandy on social networks.

Kajal is criticizing and taunting Sandy if she doesn’t like Siam without even seeing who is on the page. Likewise, if Sandy is caught, the person is blindfolded and supported by whatever the person does.

Kajal said that Gavin did not pretend to love four women. Similarly, Kajal is talking about Sandy’s favorites without giving up.

Kajal has tweeted against Cheran because Sandy does not like Cheran. One fan has reported that romance has been overshadowed by what Lasallia nominated Seran. In response, Kajal has posted on the title “Ponnu Pasutha Hirakudchuchi”.

Kajal has also supported Dasliyar as Laslia is currently in Sandy’s gang. That is, as Lazlia is so hurt, she continues to name Lazlia for Worst Performances. Whoever has reason to go to Renduvati jail, father said, it will be difficult. Kajal has posted that.

Kamal Haasan has indirectly blamed Darshan for losing his originality when he joined Gavin Gang in Biggpas house. Darshan has been a pet since the day he arrived at Pikpas’ house. Whatever happened, the first voice was Darshan. Darshan was the one who questioned the woman who was afraid of everyone. The people got him a good name. Darshan who loses originality Darshan who forgets justice Gavin, along with Sandy, Laslia and Muken, is losing his originality. Darshan seems to have forgotten justice in the case of Madhumita.

Darshan who forgets justice Gavin, along with Sandy, Laslia and Muken, is losing his originality. Darshan seems to have forgotten justice in the case of Madhumita.

Even though Gavin Gang disliked Patutpadi Madhumita and Seran, Darshan too often came together without asking them. He always sits in the bathroom and enjoys talking to others.

Especially when Sandy and Gavin talk about Cheran, Darshan refuses to call them friends. Darshan is a model and Darshan is a model.

Darshan’s action is also different in the case of musk. Whatever Kasturi is talking about, you newcomers are saying nothing to him.

Darshan reacts to Gavin’s speech. And in the case of Cheran, Darshan seems to be out of bounds.

In yesterday’s episode, Kasturi told Kamal that whatever he was talking about, Darshan himself would not talk to you. Upon hearing this, Kamal indirectly boasted that he was the newcomer. Hearing this, Darshan could see his face changed.

Kamal is such an impostor. Vanitha said she was instigating the problem. Similarly, Abhi asked, “Do you know Tala Ya?” In many places, Kamal has once again proven himself to be the best artist in praise and sadism.


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