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Sandy urinated as he opened the bathroom door of Bigg Boss house, which left viewers confused. The Ticket to the Finale Task is taking place this week at the Bigg Boss concert. In this, the winner will go straight to the final round. This is why all competitors are working to win the task. As for the Ticket to Finale Task, Bigg Boss is one of the toughest matches to ever win. Housemates are fooled by the increasing number of physical and mental tasks.

Last night’s episode of Bigg Boss, at midnight, woke up all the housemates who were sleeping well. In the Garden Area, the man with a golden jacket, who sees it safely, is declared the winner.

All the housemates were sitting in front of their golden eggs, unable to move anywhere. The rule of competition is to break the eggs of others while protecting their eggs. But if the egg belongs to the breeder, the breaker will be out.

So all the competitors were looking at their eggs. Sandy had urgent urination at the time. So he went into the bathroom and opened the door, urinating only half his body inside.

Sherin glanced at Sandy’s act. He was not only a spectator. After a while, Sandy tried to do the same for the stool. Then Cheran intervened and blocked it.

This task continued even after dawn. Sandy, unable to cope with his physical abuse, tried to break Sherin’s egg. Then he left the Tasks. This act of Sandy and his speech made the bowels nauseous.

Super heroes have been telling stories for the past few days at the Bigg Boss house.

As Kamal said last week, Sandy is becoming a children’s beaver competitor. Already, Sandy is the one who makes Big Boss home happy with his lively talk. At other times, Sandy is quick to calm his anger, even if other contestants are annoyed by his speech. Fans have been saying that Sandy-free Bigg Boss Season 3 is inconceivable. Sandy’s role was so important that the show went lively.

Sandy, who is always mixed up with his timing comedy, has started telling some superhero stories over the past few days. She is always a fan of her stories and her fans. Especially when Sandy says archery model Cheran will answer him.

Sandy often tells unrealistic and unrealistic stories. But we should certainly appreciate the way he tells the story with little emotion on his face. Muken sits on the side of sin as if he were to die.

Sandy’s telling the elephant to stick and play with the moon is a whole other level. The highlight of yesterday’s story was that Saren did not expect Sandy’s sudden twist. He was stunned by the fantasy that Sandy had.

That is, in Sandy’s story yesterday, when a boy comes in and grinds flour, it suddenly falls. The hero of the story, the superhero grandmother, takes a stick and leaves the cloud. This causes the rain to dissolve.

This fantasy of Sandy was good to hear. But when we see Cheran watching it, we have a fear that ‘Ayyao will make a good director, Ipti Mokai Kathai, and make Sandy mad’. However, Sandy also reminded us that Vadivelu is the story in a film.

Bigg Boss has become a hero in the Bigg Boss house till date.

Darshan is a hero from the start of the Bigg Boss house. Due to the hardship he suffered in his own life and the fact that he is the middleman at the Bigg Boss, he is said to be the winner of this season’s title.

Darshan became a hero in the minds of the people outside. For the first time she spoke against Vanitha, and there were many incidents at the Bigg Boss house to increase her influence among the people, as Sherin was polite during her love affair with Mira.

But if Bigg Boss thinks he will be the hero in one minute, the hero will be the villain. We have already seen many examples of this in the Bigg Boss show. There are many instances of anarchy in the Bigg Boss house and the outburst of good news among the people.

Bigg Boss also has the reputation of being the name of many who are considered good on the outside. There is growing suspicion that Bigg Boss is trying to change public opinion on Darshan. There are some incidents in Bigg Boss house as well.

The Ticket to Finale Task is underway this week at the Bigg Boss house. The winner of this will go directly to the final. This is the first time Bigg Boss home contestants have been given tough tasks. But Darshan, who played well in the earlier Tasks, does not correct them.

For some reason, he withdraws from the tournament. These actions of Darshan, who were considered physically and mentally strong so far, are at odds with the present. The fighting spirit that he has to fight to the end is diminishing.

Just as he gave up for Laslia in the Tasks for Captaincy last week, there is also the question of whether he is giving up on fellow contestants. But when you look at his actions, it is almost as if he is bowing.

He seems angry in a lot of scenes. He fights needlessly with others. He makes many incidents to criticize people. There is suspicion among the Nattisans that Bigg Boss is trying to get Darshan, who is supposed to be the hero, to leave the title to someone else.

There has been talk of Seran being the winner of this season. Bigg Boss has also offered several concessions to Seran in the process.

After the morning quarrel between Kavin and Sandy at the Bigg Boss show, Sherin – Kavin is currently in trouble. The Ticket to Finale Task has transformed the Bigg Boss house into something fun. The housemates, who had previously fought for no favors, have just begun to fight for their victory. Due to the increasing number of physical tasks, competitors who have been lazy-chatting at home for several days have begun to run.

Various physical tasks have been given for the past three days. Yesterday morning, Bigg Boss had the housemates out in a circle by lifting the thermol ball in the back. There was a clash between Kavin and Darshan.

In the first promo released this morning, Sandy is playing aggressively on a task. So Laslia falls down. Kavin gets angry and scolds Sandy. Thus, there was still some problem in the Bigg Boss house.

In the second promo, released today, the conflict between Kavin and Sherin erupts. Kavin greets Laslia in the midst of the task. Sherin then kicks the ball-filled basket and screams angrily. Then he would go inside.

Kavin protests against this act of Sherin. Kavin grows angry, “Do you play everything so fair?” So it looks like today’s Bigg Boss show will not have a famine. No, as usual, the show only fights in the promo and does not seem to end the show.

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