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Bigg Boss, the big-hit reality show hosted by Nagarjuna, is running with a few twists and a few twists. Seven people have been sent home since the show’s inception and ten are in the title bar. Rahul, Mahesh and Himaja have been in the Danger Zone even though this week they were in elimination. The Bigg Boss yesterday’s episode of the movie intisabhyulato crazy college task. In this task, the judges Bababhaskar and Vithikal unanimously declared the winner of the Rahul-Himaja couple. Rahul’s song, Himaja, was playing in the house. Revanna breaks up and smiles as they both step together. The episode, which started with Shivaji crying, ended with the laughs of the housemates.

Participants from all walks of life under the umbrella of Bigg Boss, have been living with the house for nine weeks. Whatever their anger and love, the housemates have shown yours. After many days of homelessness, if they are seen by their family members, the opportunity to speak is not much to their happiness. The same thing happens in the current episode. Bigg Boss, who played the funnetskas and tough games, is going to make a bit of an appearance in today’s episode. He introduced his family before the eyes of the Participants. All the family members were emotional when they saw the blood relatives. Their tears were shed with a little more joy and a little more pain. There is no doubt that the episode turned into an emotional one.

Big Boss .. The ninth week started with a breathtaking nomination and continues to be fun. However, Shivaji Jyoti, who had heard that Baba Bhaskar and Rahul had commented before her, had been arguing with them for a long time. In the end, Rahul Saree said he was only a joke, but Baba Bhaskar Sardi said he wanted to be good. Rahul told Baba Bhaskar that Himaja had sent his clothes incomplete, instead of sacrificing for Mahesh in the nomination task. “Don’t be bad in front of the cameras, but you have to sacrifice for yourself and pretend to forget your clothes again,” she said.

Teachers Varun, Vithika and Baba Bhaskar took the exams to students as part of the Crazy College Task given to homeschoolers. Students of Mahesh, Sivaji Jothi and Himajal got 5 stars in the examination by Varun, a lecturer in chirology, while Srimukhi and Rahul fell behind with 4 stars. When the gossip was created by Sivaji Jothi, the exam conducted by the teacher of Gossipology teacher, Sreemukhi’s answer to the question of how to confront the two, the teacher was blown away. Mahesh-Baba Bhaskar’s response to the growing distance between Mahesh-Baba and Bhaskar, though he claimed that the people would kill him if he revealed it to Riviraj for the biggest gossip you heard.

Afterwards, the teacher questioned the students on the gossip he heard. When we gossip about it is a matter of great punarnavi Said. Are you friends Lavarsa? Rahul-Revival stood up, not friends, not even lovers. He called Himaja-Mahesh and asked him whether he could not save Mahesh in the last nomination process. In the gossipology test, Srimukhi, Purnavani and Ravi took 4 stars. Baba Bhaskar and Justice were judges while the students had to make love proposals as part of the rest of the examination. Mahesh – Sivaji Jothi, Ravi – Srimukhi, Mahesh – Punarvi and Rahul – Himaja The Rahul-Himaja couple did well, but they were declared the winners. The couple then danced and laughed at the house.

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