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The tale starts in Bhopal. Voiceover tells about Bahu begum and says fragrance odor is bahu begum Razia Akhtar Mirza. He says the heart beat which went far from her 5 years in the past, will come again. Yasmeen asks her to wear Pasa else people will say that begum sahiba overlook her rules. Bahu begum says if she had forgotten her rules then wouldn’t have send his son far from her for 5 years. She says Bhopal has the primary proper on Azaan and i don’t want to present susceptible Nawab to Bhopal. She says I had instructed Azaan that i’m able to meet him in Dargah. She asks her to take a seat and says i’m able to make you wear Pasa. She makes Razia wear Pasa. Yasmeen choices her slippers. Razia says you’re like my sister Yasmeen and asks her no longer to pick her footwear. She says if you haven’t helped me that day. Yasmeen asks her to overlook that.

Razia says nowadays is the happy moments and makes her consume sweets. She asks wherein is the Bhopal’s might be bahu begum Noor. Noor is shown and talks with attitude. Azaan’s sister says even my mum actual bahu begum doesn’t have mind-set. She says how you’ll marry Azaan. Noor says he is my childhood friend. Yasmeen tells Razia that she should have told Azaan about Noor. Razia says she knows what’s in his coronary heart. Mashuqa comes there. Razia gifts her earrings. She gives gold bangles to Sakina as promised to her on Azaan’s return. Surayya pretends to faint. Razia says she is aware of about her treatment. She says I introduced gift for you, however you’re unwell. Surayya says she is excellent and accepts the gift. Her brother in law congrats her and gets his present. Razia asks yasmeen what she wishes. He says bahu begum gave you Azaan and asks what else you need. Surayya says Noor isn’t always appropriate for Azaan and says she will convey disgrace in dowry and now not gold. Noor is dancing in someone’s wedding ceremony. An vintage man appears at her. Noor slaps him. His wife asks why did you slap my husband. antique man tells that he become trying to get the caught bangle out from her get dressed. Noor finds bangles caught to her get dressed and smiles.

Asgar tells Yasmeen that Noor tells everybody that she is could be bahu begum of Bhopal. Yasmeen says she is talkative, however not say this. Surayya says she doesn’t like such bahu. Razia says I don’t want such bahu who raised question at me. She says I realize who makes Azaan whole. Noor tells the human beings that she is would be bahu begum. The people suppose who will make her bahu begum. Noor involves the dargah and asks for forgiveness for slapping the antique guy. She ties holy thread. Shayra finishes praying Namaz and says it is incorrect. Noor tells that she will feed the hungry humans. Shayra asks her to make an apology to the character, she harm him. She tells that’s he don’t need lecture and tells that many household of hers have finished Hajj. She says she receives what she wants. She is going. Her thread falls down. Shayra catches it and ties it. She prays for her.

Razia involves the Dargah and says my coronary heart beat, my Azaan is returning. She suggests Noor % to the priest there. Azaan involves the dargah and appears at Shayra. Priest thinks history goes to repeat itself. Yasmeen comes and says Azaan got here. Razia runs out to satisfy Azaan. Qawwali is sung by using a few men. Azaan and Razia come face to face. He says Ammi and gets teary eyes. She appears at him and cries with happiness. She hugs him. Yasmeen comes there and smiles. Razia says i used to be craving to see you. Azaan says day by day you used to talk to me. She says britishers made you lean. Azaan says why didn’t you return to London. She says sometimes distance is essential. He says while you talks heavy dialogues, you appears lovely. Yasmeen says your Ammi is your bahu begum. He greets her and hugs her. He asks about Noor. They see something falling down. Safina says she slipped. Razia sees Safina’s husband made her bangles worn with the aid of a person else. She asks in case your husband raised hand on you. Safina says no. Razia asks why did you marry her when you wanted to make others put on bangle. Safina’s letter tells that the girl is his 2nd spouse and says he loves Safina even now. Razia says love isn’t always charity which is sent to many. Safina’s husband says our religion allow 4 marriage and says how can an deserted lady understand. Azaan receives indignant.

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