20-08-2019 Bigg Boss Tamil 3 20th August 2019 Vijay Tv Show: Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss by Vanitha visitors Visitors who saw Vanitha’s exit from the Bigg Boss 3 home demanded that she be brought in with a white card. Viewers of the Bigg Boss show without Twitter

Vanitha returned to the Bigg Boss house at the speed of exit. Bigg Boss has shocked viewers by saying he was a wild card entry last night as he thought he was a guest. By this act of Bigg Boss, the audience is in awe. Vanitha didn’t want her to come back.

Bigg Boss has just asked the audience where to take Vanitha’s sister with a white card. In spite of this, the audience is washing the Big Boss. Viewers are scolding Bigg Boss for bad, bad news about how a fired guy can come back as a competitor.

Vanitha Wild Card Entry is not acceptable. This is not fair. If so, you have to bring Siddapu and Fatima Babu with a white card. This is the go-ahead Bigg Boss. Big Boss says viewers need to chase Vanitha away from home immediately.

The Big Boss is busy making fun of the audience. Bigg Boss has brought Vanitha into the wild card for violating the rules. Criticism has been that the Big Boss has become the norm for Season to choose a pet for Season and save him. Why drive the audience to do everything as you please. Viewers have questioned if they see us as stupid.

Nattisans do not want Gavin & Co. to insert everything in the cafரியை that is available at the Bigpas event. Actress Kasthuri is a wild card entry in the Bigpass event. As soon as Kasturi arrived, Gavin took up the affair of cheating on four women. Thus Gavin is disgusted with Kasturi. Gavin did not like the sight of musk. Disgusted by the way he speaks, he named the musk as kakka.

Gavin does not like musk and his gang does not like musk. Yesterday all of his gang members nominated Kasturi and Cheran.

In this case, the school task has been given to the House Mets. Sandy, then, tasting Kasturi as a teacher, not as a nutritionist. But other housemates have not reacted much.

In today’s second promo, Kasturi calls Vanitha a duck. Soon everyone, including Sandy, is bringing the musk to the musk. Neddison’s sense of humor has now become Zero. Sandy has reported that day to day hatred. Kavin Gang is targeting him, kash k, kasak

Even if the sin musk speaks a word, everybody targets him. Sandy is poisoning everyone’s minds day by day. Vanitha is not a wild goose. Sandy your sense of humor has now become Zero. This is the day Natesson posted that you are getting frustrated day by day.


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