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Netizens have warned Kavin to be suspicious of Sandy’s friendship during the Bigg Boss event. Kavin and Sandy were close friends at the Bigg Boss event. But after the romance with Losliya, the two break up. Over the past few days, Kavin and Sandy have been battling an upset by Losliya. The problem between Kavin and Sandy continues today.

Sadly, Sandy reveals to Kavin that he is angry with her. Seeing this, the netizens are warming Sandy that he doesn’t deserve your friendship with Kavin.

Now, Vanitha is a Dialogue Suit .. Worth Il Sandy ..

If Kavin didn’t join Losliya, Sandy would have formed a huge fan base today.

This is Nattison who says that Sandy Sandy is also crying .. Kavin-Losliya ..

Sandy, don’t expect any respect or compassion from Cuckoo’s Kavinkita. Kavin is a Paka gunning dwarf .. Beware of this fan who claims to be Sandy Boy.

This is Nattison who says that love breaks friendships. Love and friendship should not come in disbelief. This is Nettison. Whether or not Kavin is worthless, there is a widespread problem. Like he won’t let anyone play the game. It is only Cheran, Darshan, Muken, Ivan’kita Ushara … Neritisan says that the ‘germ’ punishment for this germ would be correcta.

Bigg Boss is often mocking rivals and making comedy. The third season of the Bigg Boss show is aired on Vijay TV. The season has now reached its final stage. Whether viewers like the Bigg Boss show or not, those who do not like Bigg Boss’s voice can be sure. Such a glamorous look for the magnetic field pickups.

There is a crowd to admire the voice of Bigg Boss, which sounds like Ganesh. In the voice of Pigpas, who always sounds striking, a little bit of play and comedy mixes in the audience?

Yes, Bigg Boss has been doing work that hasn’t been done in the last two seasons. Bigg Boss has been doing mock-ups in his style to fix the mic that housemates have been wearing for the past few days.

According to Bigg Boss, Sandy and Losliya are talking. Earlier yesterday, Sandy was mocking fellow housemates that I was going to give him power.

At the time, the interrupted pickups gave Sandy whatever power he gave the mic. Even a day before that, Sandy told Mike Bigg Boss how important it is not to tie the mic.

Bigg Boss has played the same with Losliya. Losliya, lying down in the box, said, “I always respect the rules.

Bigg Boss, Losliya, you are right, you are right, ” Other housemates were scolded for making the Biggbas ugly.

Earlier yesterday, sir Muken called the vangayya to the convention room and called the Bigg Boss. In yesterday’s episode, Sherin played Bigg Boss saying that you are so beautiful.

Bigg Boss, which are always striking, are occasionally enjoyed by not only the housemates but also by the audience.

A video clip of Kavin making fun of himself when he was in pain when he was unable to get out of the box while performing at the Bigpass. Cheran, who is participating in the Bigg Boss event, suffers from suffocation. He could not write alone, nor could he sleep alone. Cheran is holding the umbrella in his hand and walking in its balance. He suffers from breathlessness and is unable to participate in the task.

They also put him on the floor and help him stretch his legs. But Kavin, lying in the cabin inside the room, is lying down and having fun without even asking.

Similarly, Cheran is unable to get up when he goes to eat and wash his hands and dump the waste in the trash bin. Losliya, who passes by him, is sitting on the sofa, talking to Kavin without asking what it is.

All these videos are going viral on social networks. Fans who saw this, thankful Cheran did not come. Cheran’s benefit to live on DVD.

Cheran is worried if Losliya is hurt or he stumbles. During the Black Balancing Task, Kavin stood up for a long time and grabbed her leg and compressed her.

But without thinking of anything and not even asking what the two are doing, they grow up together. The video is spreading fire on social networks. This has been disturbed by the Nardisans.


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