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Burning Kamal, Bigg Boss Tearing Cover: This is Tanya Promo

Big Boss 3 has been released on Promo. The two promos released today in connection with the Bigg Boss 3 event were shocking. Promo, which has just released 3, has satisfied them. Viewers have reported that Kamal Haasan is in full form.

Kamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan has told contestants that a comment by one of the people here will help you figure out who it is. “Somebody has told me about Kamal to tell me what the devil is reading,” Cheran said. It’s not you, Mr. Cheran.


Kamal Haasan did not face Sakshi saying that Gavin, who bought the Evolution episode with Timelab, changed the track. Kamal said this when he was told that Gavin Sakshi had taken off after learning of the popularity of Laslia.


Gavin You don’t have to be with these women. Some have suggested that you have fun with Sandy Master or have fun. Don’t look at Sakshi Sakshi only with Laslia. Your pair are so good to see. Some people have laughed at the Big Boss rivals.


The Bigg Boss show has been a buzz ever since Vanitha Vijayakumar walked out. This dark-skinned Gavin’s triangular love story is dark. Visitors are requested to bring Vanitha back with the wild card and make us happy with the fight and quarrel at the Bigg Boss house.

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