21-08-2019 Bigg Boss Tamil 3 21st August 2019 Vijay Tv Show: Written Episode Update

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The Cold War between Vanitha and Kasturi has begun to explode at a Bigg boss event.

Actress Kasturi is a wild card entry in the Biggas event. Pikpas, who introduced Vanitha as a guest during the Hotel Task, yesterday threw Vanitha into the wild card entry and suddenly threw the bomb.

Not only the pickpocket housemates but also the viewers were shocked. Vanitha fought like that. Something came as a guest, but even if it is the vikapavai will not leave the pigpas

Pickups that end the fight Vanitha and Kasturi are two extremes. Pikpas has kept the two men in the same house.

Target is musk Fellow housemates don’t like seeing musk already. Gavin, Sandy, Darshan and Laslia are targeting their Gang Musk.

Am i kunta In the Promo released today, in the School Task Promo, Vanitha was bought as a duck, Kasturi. I do not know what to say at the moment, I have come to the line as Kunda.

Did you see me? Can you call me a bomb? I have a boy at 18 years old, and Vanita is asking me to look at me. The Bigbas house is quieted by a fight between the two.

Wanted to be trapped Gavin Gang, who is already waiting for the musk when he can make it. In this situation, Kasturi is sitting in the carriage. Fans are starting to expect what’s going on.

Footnotes like this Until last night, 5 people were talking about breaking the spine of the gang. The Nattisons have finally commented that they are beating them up.

Today’s second promo has revealed that the Bigg Boss show is back with Vanitha and Kasturi. Since Vanitha’s return to the Bigg Boss house, fights and disputes have been increasing day by day. The Big Boss house is just like the market because there is enough musk. Vanitha, Kasturi and Cheran together plotted to break up the Boys Gang. But the situation is reversed, and now Vanitha and Kasturi are fighting

In yesterday’s episode, the School Task was given for this week’s Luxury Budget. They were appointed as Kasturi Teacher and Cheran as Headmaster. Others, including Vanitha, were declared as kindergarteners.

Duck Vanitha While conducting the Kasturi Lesson, she looked at Vanitha and said, “Come on, goose, sing song”. Enraged, Vanitha went to fight with Kasturi. Kasturi apologized as Cheran intervened in the middle.

After the task, Musk discussed the matter with the Boys Gang. Even then, Vanitha was angry with Kasturi. This caused the Bigg Boss house to revolt again.

In this case, no problems were shown in the first promo released today. The housemates were only shown to have fun in the school task. This left the audience stunned. They thought Bigg Boss had no problems today at home.

Big Boss, who you thought could be a casualty of the war, was in the next promo. Just like yesterday, Kasturi and Vanitha are still fighting today. But today the musk retaliates to Vanitha.

Fighting like a dog To put it bluntly, Cheren, Sandy, and Laslia all play in the garden area as a dog. The Bigg Boss Editor mixed the two footage and created the promo. So in today’s episode, it seems like there will be no famine.

The Nittisans will start discussing whatever happens in the Bigg Boss house. In that case, Big Pass, if you give it a point, leave. Instead of being a dog and a dog fight, they are presumably using the kanjana image dial as a ‘ghost fight.

Sherine utters a beautiful sentence in a school task, reminding us of the first season of Ovia. The school task is given this week at the Bigg Boss house. To be the Kasturi teacher and the head teacher of Cheran, the other competitors are students. Yesterday, the teacher clashed with the teacher and student Vanitha. The fight lasted beyond the task force.

In this case, the task is shown again in the first promo released today. Yesterday was a different school, today is different. The sin of the headmaster yesterday, like Buen, sat on one side. Bigg Boss gave him the table today.

Also, the uniform of the student and the student has been changed. The table join has also been changed. As you can see, the Kindergarten class was taken yesterday. Like a little bigger class today.

In today’s Task, Sherine beautifully reads in her familiar Tamil, “Sethukkunnu chinnabonnu thati thati chikkikkuchu”. As he looks at it, he remembers the first season’s song ‘Crane Netta .. Crane Netta’.

Laslia, already a news reader, says the ‘monkeys’ phrase given to her in her beauty pageant. As usual, Sandy sings in her style. Vanita Tenson becomes forgetful about what to say. Looks like it is still out of kindergarten.

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