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Kamal Haasan, who is participating in the Bigg Boss event, has welcomed roasting.

In the second promo for today’s episode of the Bigg Boss show, Kavin Kamal Haasan revealed the roasting and roasting. Kamal is only buying Losliya for Losliya.

The Nittisans are delighted to have seen this promo. We expect more Lord Kamalai DVD.

Nattison says that for a minute he was scared that daddy was going to praise Losliya and Kavin.

Actor Kamal Haasan has revealed that he will be performing at today’s Bigg Boss event.

The Ticket to the Finale Task was held this week at Bigg Boss. It was announced that competitors who receive the most points will qualify for the finals directly.

Thus the competitors played competitively. There was also trouble between the housemates during these matches.

A second promo for today’s episode of Kamal’s role has been released. Kamal discusses the problem that occurred during the task.

Kamal starts off with Kavin, Taskska Taska Patalinga Kavin, no more than that Kamal pulls off. Kavin responds by saying that Muken and Losliya are down first. Then Sandy said that there was an emotion beyond us when the thunder fell.

Immediately, when Kamal was struck by Darshan, he put on the same posture that the emotion did not come. Kavin smiles, not knowing what to say. Losliya sits quietly as if she knows nothing.

Sandy hit Losliya during Paul Taskin. Then Losliya fell down. Kavin then jumped at Sandy’s deliberate collision.

Following this, Kavin and Losliya continue to target Sandy during each task. This is why Sandy is depressed. With this in mind, Kamal seems to be roasting Kavya.

Kamal’s first promo for today’s Bigg Boss event has been revealed.

Actor Kamal Haasan, who is hosting the Bigg Boss event, meets housemates on Saturdays and Sundays weekly. He will discuss the week-long issues.

Actor Kamal Haasan meets housemates today.

Actor Kamal Haasan has come out as a blue jeans black shirt. Speaking of Kamal, Game Came, the word has spread throughout the show. What’s that cam? Playing with the body? Or is it just playing with the mind? Both are mixed.

Mental injury can cause more injury. A Golden Ticket is available for anyone looking for this successful trip. Kamal says another man’s dream is going to happen. This is the first promo that ends.

Sandy is saddened by the resentment between Kavin and Sandy. Kamal seems to be speaking with this in mind.

It seems Kamal will discuss the golden war between Kavin, Losliya and Sandy today. At the same time, the Golden Ticket to the Final is expected to be awarded to the winners of the Ticket to Pinnacle Task.

It is reported that Vijay TV has clarified who will host the Bigg Season 4 show.

The big hit Bigg Boss show in Hindi has been aired in Tamil since 2017. Vijay TV is broadcasting the event in Tamil.

Following the success of the first season, successive seasons have started in Tamil. Biggap Season 3 is currently airing.

The show has reached its final stage. This makes the show more interesting and exciting. In a few days, the Bigg Boss Season 3 concludes.

Actor Kamal Haasan is the one who has compiled the last two seasons. It is rumored that Kamal will not host the Bigg Season 4 of the show.

Kamal has started the political party and contested the parliamentary elections. Kamal has signed a series of successive films. It was said that he could not host the Pickers show.

There were rumors that instead of Kamal, the actors Simbu, Sarathkumar, Surya and Aravindsamy could be present. Vijay TV and Bigg Boss show team has not explained this yet.

That means Kamal is the presenter for next season and has not spoken to anyone else. It is also said that there is no idea of ​​bringing in anyone else.

Vijay TV seems to have signed a five-year contract to host the Bigg Boss event in Tamil. It was hosted by actor Kamal Haasan for three years. Actor Kamal will also host the next fourth season.

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