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Everyone is eager to see who gets eliminated from Bigg Boss House this week. Big Boss gave them a double shock. Because he had a double elimination plan this week. Nagarjuna arrives for two days during the weekend, so one person is being sent out every day. Rahul revealed that the first day of the latest release promo will be elimination. Rahul, Mahesh and Himaja are in the nominations this week.

They had hoped that Mahesh would come out before them but Rahul Siplimanj was sidelined, beating everyone’s expectations. The rematch with Rahul’s elimination also went into shock. Sir now I have to cry. She was a very good friend to me. Himaja and Mahesh are in the nominees for Sunday’s episode. News is coming that Mahesh Vitta is coming out.

Ships are ships. She was Top Contestant exactly the week before. She was also the highest voter in the Audience. But as the week turned around, the situation was reversed. She came to last place and quit. This preamble is about Bigg Boss Constant Himaja .

Himaja Chapakinda, who came into the Big Boss house as a regular Constantine, became Strong Constant. Seven of the ten competing with her were eliminated individually. Only 10 people are currently in the Bigg Boss house. She was exceptionally ninth, however. Mahesh Vitta, Himaja and Rahul are in the nomination this week.

Bigg Boss show promolake than most people are fans. Because it is so beautiful that the promo can be edited .. Coming from the beginning of the comments that the show is not able. Sean as in the promo .. Viewers are already getting an impression of being on the shore episode. This is why some people are happy to see the promos.

The Bigg Boss team releases at least three to four promotions daily. Needless to say, this is the weekend. There was little in the episode .. Try to increase the hype on them with promos. However, no promo for this weekend has been released. Promo lovers .. on this issue. The promo is being fired. It remains to be seen whether the promos will be released anytime soon.


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