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The prospect of who’s going to be kicked off the Bigg Boss show today is up to the audience.

The Bigg Boss show hosted by Kamal Haasan has reached the final stage in 90 days. The event, which initially started with 16 competitors, currently has only 6 survivors. Muken Rao is the finalist in the high-scoring list of Tasks.

On the other hand, Cheran, Sherin, Losliya and Kavin are on the list of those who have been evicted this week. One of them will be expelled today based on popular vote.

It is said that Kavin got more votes than the four in the nomination and Sherin got less votes. In the Tasks of the Week last week, it was revealed that Cheran had been discharged due to ill health.

It is worth noting that the Cheran Secret Room, which once left the Bigpas house, went back to the Bigbas house a few days back.

In this backdrop, the show has released a promo video for the event, which airs today. In the audience, Kamal Haasan finally asks Sherin’s name on stage. It is thereby determined that Sherin is saved.

Bigg Boss 3 Eviction: Who’s going to be out at today’s Bigg Boss show? The question has been raised among fans. While Kavin – Losliya is more of an Army on social media, true Bigg Boss fans are still pushing for a move. Everyone knows that the accusation of playing the game with women is the biggest criticism of Kavin.

In today’s first promo, Kamal Haasan is questioning which of the two would be saved by Kavin – Cheran. Leia and Cheran – Kavin puts their hands on the backs of both of them and insists that both be saved. To this Promo, the answer to Lasallia’s answer to Nattisans is that the world is acting Sami.

Sherine escapes from Eviction. This time, Shereen has been rescued by fans, as the men compete at the Big Box House. Kamal Haasan screams at the people to save them. Sherine’s name comes first. Sherine is saved as the saying goes.

This is the last Promo Twist. Only one of the two, Losliya or Cheran, knew she was leaving. Thinking of giving it suspense, Kamal Haasan tells Cheran and Losliya to say goodbye to the housemate. Losliya and Cheran get ready for it. Kavin goes to Losliya to talk about something. Losliya says I’m happy.

According to comments and reviews posted on social media, it is reported that Cheran is leaving the Bigg Boss house this week. But fans have protested. The reason is that Cheran has been expelled from the Bigg Boss house because he is the real one. It is also said that Kavin Vijay TV is deliberately serving.

Kamal Haasan said in a second promo video that Sherin was leaving the Bigg Boss 3 home. No one is ready to believe the video.

In this case, Kamal has spoken differently in the 3rd Promo video. I mean, say goodbye to Lozlia and Cheran and come into the room, ”said Kamal Haasan.

No one believes that Haya Lozlia is evicted after watching the video. The reason is to keep Lozlia herself and drive the love story. So he will definitely not be out this week for Bigg Boss.

Viewers say Kamal Haasan, who was good, has changed the tone of the Bigg Boss show. What he will do is sin. The script given to him speaks.

Meanwhile, viewers are eager to know on what basis Kavin is being saved this week. Kavin must first be expelled. But Kamal doesn’t just talk about him, the audience says.

It has been reported that Cheran has been evicted from the Bigg Boss house. In this case, there is no doubt that Bigg Boss is doing the same thing to get Seren to lead the way and show the game to House Mats for a while.


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