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Everyone is eager to see who gets eliminated from Bigg Boss House this week. Big Boss gave them a double shock. Because he had a double elimination plan this week. Nagarjuna arrives for two days during the weekend, so one person is being sent out every day. Rahul is reportedly the first to be eliminated in the latest release promo .. Now the same has happened. The matter was revealed in the promo itself by the administrators. Rahul, Mahesh and Himaja are in the nominations this week. Rahul came out.

They had hoped that Mahesh would come out before them but Rahul Siplimanj was sidelined, beating everyone’s expectations. The rematch with Rahul’s elimination also went into shock. Sir now I have to cry. She was a very good friend to me. Himaja and Mahesh are in the nominees for Sunday’s episode. News that Himaja is coming out.

Bullittara reality show ‘Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3’ is running rasavattam. As the host of Nagarjuna, the show is giving a special kick to his tasks. Against this backdrop, Abbo seemed to be making sacrifices for each other as part of the ninth week elimination process. There seems to be double elimination this week, though. If you look at those details ..

The show is becoming more interesting with the crazy tasks that Bigg Boss is offering. Big Boss is catching up with the latest trend of the day and giving tasks. Constants are also giving entertainment entertainment to the Performance Television Audience. This makes this even more interesting.

Meanwhile, there were three names on the elimination list that week. Big Boss has announced that Mahesh, Rahul and Himaja have been nominated for the ninth week elimination list. Two of the three are scheduled to be eliminated this week.

Every week, a housemate from the Bigg Boss House is happy to be eliminated. But this week, Nagarjuna announced that there will be double elimination. Nagarjuna gave a twist to Fake Elimination at the end of the episode, saying that Rahul was eliminated in Himaja, Rahul and Mahesh.

Rahul, however, is reportedly kept in the Bigg Boss Secret Room. In Bigg Boss, each time the housemates are eliminated, they are placed in a secret room and brought into the house a few days later. Rahul seems to have kept Mumit Khan in the first season back then.

The second elimination, however, is reported to be a direct departure from the Bigg Boss house. In today’s (Sunday) episode, Gallakonda Ganesh is getting ready to rise up.

Varun Tej’s box office is currently underway. His starring role in the film Gadalakonda Ganesh Cinema Collection. He came to Bigg Boss House as part of promotions this week. He stayed there for a while and had a lot of fun. Varun Tej greeted those in the house especially. He was saying goodbye to everyone in the Telangana slang. After Varun’s arrival, Nagarjuna became a full-fledged Josh. He also became a mass hero and whistled.

The house mates of the house also massacred with the arrival of the Ganges. One spilled over the other. Super hitu nee hite made racha. On the other hand, Srimukhi and Himaja have also proposed to Ganesh, our godfather. However, Ganesh Rachcha is not out of the ordinary at Bigg Boss house this week. If you look so bright in the promo

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