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Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Episode 60: On the 60th day of the Bigpas show, LaSlia opened her mind to her love and affection for Gavin.

Speaking to the housemates, Kasturi taunted Sherin by telling him the story. But that has not turned out to be a big problem. Vanitha then went on to fight that the musk in the kitchen was sneezing and she was not clean. He went a step further and insisted that I would not cook if he was in the Kasturi Kitchen. Later, the head of the house, Sherin, made peace and cooked.

Cheran then spoke exclusively to Gavin and Lazlia. He advised both of them to stay sober when the relationship goes to the next. When telling Laslia, the father’s attitude and concern for Saran was well expressed.

This was followed by the practice of selecting the best performers in the Luxury Budget Task. Of these, many referred to Cheran’s name. Vanitha then forced all the housemates to say her name.

But in the end, the contestants unanimously elected that Cheran, Laslia and Sandy had played well. By then, BigPass had announced that there was no procedure for selecting those who did not play properly this week.

Then Sandy, Gavin, Kasturi, Darshan, Laslia and Mukin played ‘light’ and made laughs. Then a task was presented to the housemates in the Garden area. Others have to sit around and talk about a competitor.

Everyone talked about each of them. When Gavin arrived, other contestants spoke of him with laughter. Only Lazlia spoke passionately about Gavin. Others talked about Muken, Sandy, Kasturi, and Sheerin.

But often in the show, Laslia was talking about Gavin’s pride, which was a bit boring for viewers.


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