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Ritvika, who won last season’s title, and Janani, who won the Golden Ticket, have returned to the Bigg Boss house, reports say.

Bigg Boss Season 3 is yet to end in two weeks. There are currently six competitors in the Bigg Boss house. Of these, Muken has already received a golden ticket to the final. So there is an expectation of who will go to the finals among the remaining five contenders.

Already last week, the toughest matches for Ticket to Finale were held at the Bigg Boss house. Competitions are still expected to be fierce as the show draws to a close.

It is reported that two of last season’s contestants were going to be special guests at the home of Bigg Boss. Ritvika, the winner of last season’s title, and Janani, the golden ticket winner, are said to be the contenders. It looks like it will air tomorrow’s episode.

Even last season, the first season contestants Arav, Raisa and Harish went in as special guests. Janani was the one who bought the poison bottle last season. So it is not known if the Bigg Boss has any plans for the continent to put him in the present.

Often the two are expected to give the task to the competitors and be the arbiters. There are currently four male competitors in the Bigg Boss house, with only two female competitors inside.

There is no good friendship between them, Losliya and Sherin. So it seems that Rithvika and Janani have gone in to give them company. In this regard, the netizens posted on the social circle are asking Ridwika to send Ice and Yashika in response to Janani.

Bigg Boss hosted by Kamal Haasan has reached the third season finale. The event, which began with 16 people, currently has only 6 survivors. Of these, Mukhan and the direct selection for the final round. The remaining five are on this week’s list of evictions.

This week, the nomination has begun with the question of who each competitor is looking to save. Darshan, who is then called to the Confession Room, says he hopes to save Sherin and Sandy. So Pikpas orders him to eat two green chillies. Darshan who eats the green chilli easily gets out of there.

Next, Losliya is ordered to eat green chillies, too, to say she’s saving the poem. But in his magnetic voice to Losliya, who is thinking of eating green chillies, Pigpas warns that the task for the nomination is a little too serious.

A promo has been revealed about who is this week’s captain of the Bigg Boss house.

The Bigg Boss Season 3 show is nearing the final. Vitil currently has only 6 competitors.

This is a situation where everyone has to share all their work. Task for this week’s skipper of the Biggbas home is today.

A promo for this has been released. Kavin, Sandy, and Muken, all three, take part in Captain Tasks. For this, they use polythene paper wrapped around the body so that they do not use the hands and feet.

Sherin in Kavin’s body, Darshan in Sandy’s body, and Laslia in Muken’s body wrapped in polythene paper. Then all three of them must roll from the line drawn into the room and stand up inside the box.

The first who rolls into the box and stands up is the captain of the Bigg Boss house. Darshan has lifted Muken to the starting line.

After that, all three are rolling. Sandy, who overtook Muken, stands up. So this week’s captain of the Bigg Boss house, Sandy, is revealed in the third promo of Bigg Boss.

Nattisans perform Kavin’s performance in Captain Task held at Bigg Boss. It is revealed in the promo that this week’s Task for Skipper of the Bigg Boss house is underway. Kavin, Sandy and Muken are participating. In this task, Muken and Sandy are competing and rolling. But Kavin is only creeping up on the end.

Nattisans Kavin saw nothing of this. They have been criticized for trying to get into the sea with women and teasing others.

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