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Himaja was finally eliminated in Sunday’s Bigg Boss Elimination Round. Host Nagarjuna has announced that Himaja will be eliminated while Rahul is already in the Secret Room with Fake Elimination. Mahesh and Himaja are among the nominations this week. Of whom Himaja was out. Josh, on the other hand, is filled with the entry of Sunday’s episode hero Varun Tej. Varun played a game of house mates with his share. Varun in particular has shared with Varun. But that was the end of the glacial tear that came out with elimination. After coming out, Himaja commented on Housemates, good, bad and ugly in their own style.

Water underlying the Bigg Boss house, strong, and she was eliminated from the house of Big Boss himajanu changing kantestentsga phyanski was a big shock. In the eighth week of elimination, she became the first Safe Contestant to garner more votes. However, in the ninth week, Vitika and Revival were forced out of the Balai home for a joint strategy. Himaja who entered the house in the usual contexts.. Daring and dashing as soon as you get out of the house. And to be fair, the elimination of his elimination was always confirmed by Himaja. Eight eligible contenders ask, ‘Will you ever get a chance to return to Bigg Boss House?’ When Nagarjuna asked, everyone would come. But when Nagarjuna was asked the same question by Himajana, ‘I am not sir’ .. Once again after getting eliminated it is not fair. It’s only a one-time dream, ‘he said.

After leaving the Bigg Boss house, Himaja goes in the same vein. It is reported that the hero interviews the eligible contenders. In this, he said, “I don’t feel sagging that I was eliminated. The original game has just begun.”

She said, ‘Big Hassa game with Himaja .. My life with me did not stop. Entering the Bigg Boss house, the Himaja separator is going on now. What’s more .. Hot comments on the contents of the house. Sreemukhi pretends to be in love with us. Everything is artificial. Himaja says that his ‘brown rice’ is funny, while Renaissance comes for Rahul’s sake.

Indian Biggest Reality Show .. Over 4 crore people are watching this show .. Rating is eroding .. Response is irritating .. You don’t have to revisit. Big Boss has never met. This is what our host Nagarjuna is saying every week. In fact, Saturday and Sundays have a moderate rating .. The rest of the week is very weekly. Bigg Boss beats cooking disaster in ‘Karthikadeepam’ serial. Okay both of them are star mawe .. Because this is the reality show under the direction of Telugu big boss Adi Nagarjuna, which is said to be the Indian Biggest Reality Show .. ‘Karthikadeepam’ can not understand the serial rating.

According to Bark’s rating, Star Ma is one of the top five top rating programs. Okay, these calculations change week by week, so don’t get into it .. The Big Bass Show at Audience View has been pretty crazy over the last two seasons. However, as Season 3 approaches, audience support is declining. This is because the choice of the Contestants is a factor .. In the process of elimination, those who are playing the game as a group.

Bigg Boss season 3 has ended nine weeks into today’s 10 weeks. The Big Boss journey began with a total of 17 contenders, including two wildcards (Shilpa and Tamanna), with only 9 remaining in the house at the moment.

Eliminated Contestants respectively ..

  1. Actress Hema
  2. TV 9 Journalist Zafar
  3. Tamanna
  4. Rohini,
  5. Ashu Reddy
  6. Aliraja
  7. Shilpa Chakraborty
  8. Himaja

altogether missed the elimination on the first day in nine weeks .. The nomination was lifted. In the latest ninth week, the glacier was eliminated.

The current contenders in the Bigg Boss House are:

  1. Varun
  2. Vitika
  3. Baba Bhaskar
  4. Ravikrishna
  5. Mahesh Vitta
  6. Sreemukhi
  7. Sivaji Jothi
  8. Revival
  9. Rahul Sipliganj (Re-entry)

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