18-07-2019 Bigg Boss Tamil 3‎ 18th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Vijay tv Show Live Updates

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Vijay TV’s Bigg Boss show, Nikachi on other channels, is backing up the serials and making a royal appearance. Presenter of the show Namka Raja Vision The Contemporary Talent Task, head to head, to finally do something, this week, the Naturalization Task gave to the Bigg Boss House Mets. Overnight, the appropriate set to enter the Bigpas House and leave no one there. The sets must be commended.

Bigg Boss 3

Costume House Mates

The Bigg Boss, who is giving the house mats a task, has divided the town into two, the name of the snake bar, the Cheran head of a town, Madhumita the head of a town, and the people of the town. Not only that, but the house mates have come in and quietly done the costume design. The Bigpas House will be reflecting the beautiful costumes of the villagers throughout this week.

Meera Darshan

Darshan’s mother is Meera. His wife is Sherin. Darshan’s mother catches the child and Pontatti. Each one of these characters is given by the original. Sherin’s hand grabs Sandy’s hand, a member of the unhappy plaintiff’s association in Cheran. Give it to the panchayat.

Bigg Boss 3

What’s the problem?

She asks Darshan if the problem is not what it is. It was Meera who was telling Pavayama to talk to Natami. Then Cheran asked Enamma Pratunnu. Darshan says that your governor grabbed my pantyotti hand. Cheran Sherin is standing up for who you are.

Bigg Boss 3

Just to this point

It’s not everyone in your town. Only this point, how does Seppa ask. Sher’s saying that Maida is like a flour and grabs the hand of the word. The next thing to notice is that Meera will be annoyed in the next few seconds. He has already spoken like that. That is why I say Kovaparennu polichunnu.

Bigg Boss 3

What is true?

If this is true, Meera is black … This color is so compressed and overcrowded that Meera may have been crying. It is wrong to say this as a comedy task … Why does Cheran not realize this? Though black is not a fun color right now, this is not the place to say it. In the picture of the flag of victory, how was Malavika black? Tappu Cheran sir .. Tappu!


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