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With just a few days to go before the third season of Pikpas Tamil, the prospect of who will win the title this time is rising.

As the show has reached its final stage, there are currently six contestants. The remaining five are directly selected for Evolution, with Muken directly selected for the final round.

The contestants are happy because Yashika and Mahat have gone into the Biggbas home today. The teaser of Ivan’s Uthaman movie starring both of them is released today in the Bigg Boss.

In this context, the show has released the third video of the show, which will air today. Mahath and Yashika give Sherin a task.

Mahat, explaining what the task is, is to write a letter for your favorite person at home. It will not be televised. It says you can write what you have in mind.

Then Sherin, who sits alone, begins to write, “You are the light of the dark ages.” After the letter is written, Pikpas’ voice suddenly appears and Mahath – Yashika orders both Sherin to whom he has written the letter.

Shocked by this, Sherin tears his letter and chokes it. Sherin, who has been friends with Darshan from the beginning, can wait to see if Darshan writes a letter or anyone else.

The Bigg Boss 3 show has reached its final stage. Mukhen, Darshan, Sherin, Kavin, Lazlia and Sandy are currently at home when Cheran leaves.
Muken won the golden ticket and went straight to the final. So all the others were nominated for elimination.

All the competitors ate green chilies to surprise their friends. Laslia first ate the green chilli to keep the gin. Darshan ate green chilies to save Sherin and Sandy. While Cavin and Loslia were unguarded, Sandy also ate green chilies to protect both LaSlia. Sherin ate green chilies to save both Darshan and Sandy.

Eventually, he has already been rescued several times by Muken, who ate green chilies to save Darshan. So, Bigg Boss tells him to find someone else to replace him, and Sandy and Sherin eat green chilies to save Muken.

In the end Bigg Boss cheated by saying, “It’s a fun game.” Muken ate a maximum of 3 green chilies.

In the task force given to him as leader of the week, Mukhen is elected leader. Constantly competitors were given less water and a laundry task. Sandy and Laslia won the team.

Darshan’s girlfriend Sanam Shetty is angry at Bigg Boss.

Darshan is considered a major contender in the Bigg Boss show. He has a good reputation as a troublemaker, a neutral, whatever task is given. So many expect him to be the winner of the title.

There is a close friendship between Sherin and him at the Bigg Boss house. But before the Bigg Boss show, actress Janam and Darshan were in love.

Darshan’s girlfriend So even though Darshan says he has an attraction, Sherin doesn’t take it to the next level. It is evident that Darshan is also friendly with him. But, Sanam Shetty doesn’t like it.

Sensational video Sanam has recently released a video to make Darshan feel like Priya is ready. He was talking in the video, crying that he was not going to be a threat to Darshan’s future.

Darshan’s Birthday Meanwhile Sanam posted a video on Darshan’s birthday on his social media page. In it, he claimed that Darshan’s birthday was cut by cake at an orphanage but Vijay TV refused to broadcast the video on the show.

Green Chilli Task Thus, there is an issue between Sanat and Vijay TV. In this case, yesterday’s episode of Big Boss with green chilli in the house. If he wants to save his fellow contestants from the nomination, he has to eat green chillies. Competitors then give green chilies to save their close friends.

Darshan’s girlfriend protests against Bigg Boss’s green chilli task. On this, he posted on his Insta page, “This will seriously affect Darshan’s health. Bigg Boss is not fair.

But the Netisans have teased this record of the people. One person asked, “What happens to a green chilli chick? You have so much overflow. But some have commented that the real anger of the people is that he ate green chilies for Sherin.

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