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Despite criticism of her as a restrained idol, Big Boss Constant Himaja was impressed with her style of play during her 64-day Big Boss journey. Strong Constant Himaja came out exceptionally well in the ninth week of elimination. Even after the elimination .. host Nagarjuna .. ‘Big Boss game also wants to be fair .. If you give me the chance to go back to Bigg Boss house, I will not go. Potting it up to make it seem fair.

What’s more, the fact that he hasn’t been crying out that he’s eliminated .. The original game is just beginning. ‘Big Boss Game With Himaja .. My Life With Me did not stop the game. Himaja separates when entering the Bigg Boss house. Himaja has made interesting comments on the way the Big Boss show is broadcast and the voting system of the members of the house. ‘Big Boss House is not like a prison .. Jail. Without a phone .. I didn’t think anyone would stay in Bigg Boss house for days without contact. Great to have you all these days.

Screenplay is the key role. Who is the hero of the show in the Bigg Boss house? Separate the fact. They are showing what is going on there but the cameras show the impression that Himaja is selfish. Mahesh Elimination Even then I did not dream. This is due to the lack of clarity in the task given to Bigg Boss.

Groups are becoming big and playing

Big Boss. There are groups in Big Boss House. Some of the groups .. the nomination then explicitly send out the ones they don’t like. I am reserved.

The Big Boss’s pre-conditioned ..

Bigg Boss Season 3 is not alone .. Season 1 and Season 2 have also called me. But this is the only condition I put on. Food bothers me if anything. Each one has its own weekly ness. I can’t have the food properly. I can’t eat too much at once. As you can see, it is much better now than when I went to Bigg Boss House. That means there is no proper food. Eat as many as you can.

Two months with four vegetables ..

Big bass house but four kinds of vegetables. These two months are dal and potato. Every day, the same curry leaves. Eat something so that the stomach must be filled. In between, I try the ‘Bed in the egg’ and ‘Godu Amtu’.

Sreemukhi was good in the beginning ..

All the guys in the house are acting for the screen. Jyothi, Srimukhi is a bit better. That’s why they were with them. I was with Srimukhi in the kitchen. Mood swings are for everyone. If not, the mood swings with Big Boss’s screenplay magic.

Who needs to be saved? Big Boss nominates who ever decides

Who Should Save on Constants? Whoever gets nominated depends on Big Boss decisions. Big Boss tries to save those who have the kind of content they want. Did for me too. It does not matter.

Big Boss doesn’t play with us. Audiences are not

watching Bigg Boss show . Involved in the game. But Bigg Boss is playing games with the audience. Big Boss is saving some people from getting nominations.

Among the members of the house of an elimination process padovaraniki kept the bigbas .. today will cool to give them a funny task. In the process of elimination, Srimukhi-Sivaji dutifully clashed while Varun and Rahul discussed the issue. Ravi, Varun, Baba Bhaskar and Srimukhi have been nominated for the tenth week. However, it is learned that Ravi, who is a weakling of the four, is in the danger zone. News has now surfaced on social media that Ravi will be eliminated whether the nomination process has been completed or not.

In today’s episode, Bigbas seems to have given a funny task to members of the house. Shivajyothi will be seen as a cat who does not begrudge a cat with insufficient assets . She has three sons and three nieces. Baba Bhaskar has been appointed as the Manager to look after the affairs of Sivaji. The most useful in this task is Srimukhi Sivaji Jothi’s legs. This episode is going to give people good entertainment in the wake of Baba Bhaskar’s quest and Sivaji Jyoti. In today’s episode we have to see how much the housemates are doing!

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