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The contestants of today’s show came with groceries for cooking. They cooked chicken with it. After this, the Break and Take Task is given. They were given marks by breaking the balloon and putting the name on it. In this task, Darshan tops a maximum of 14 balloons.

After a short break yasika Anand, the great Big Boss house visited by special guests. Sandy welcomed them into the house.

Iron Man Sherin:

Yashika says Sherin is the Iron Man of the Bigg Boss house. He also spoke to his mother. In response to this, Sherin said last season that you would like her mother.


Simbu has asked all of you to say. Also, play the game competitively. You also have a good future. Do not think that they are insulting themselves. There are a lot of things waiting outside to throw it all away.

Ivan’s Uthaman:

We are here for the promotion of the film ‘Uthman’. Mahesh and Venkatesh directed the film. Taman has composed the music. Simbu has sung a song. Anirudh has sung 2 songs. For the first song of the film, the dancing was set by Sanditani. But, as he unexpectedly came home to Bigg Boss, Mahath said it had not happened. That being said, I am looking for good opportunities to come out of the event. He said 4 films are currently being signed.

He congratulates us and you.

We Are The Boys…

Gavin, Sandy, Darshan and Muken sang VR The Boys.

Prize for Contestants:

Bigg Boss gave the grand prize to the contestants. Accordingly, Lozlia has been given a photograph of her father. Mike,

Sandy, Sepp Cap, Bigg Boss, Gavin, 4


who was sworn in as king: Darshan, who succeeded in the Task Force, was sworn in as the crowned king of the Bigg Boss house. Other competitors were urged to serve the king. Accordingly, Lozlia – Muken was appointed to perform the services of the king, to overthrow the king when Gavin – Sherin went abroad, and to sing the praises of the king of Sandy.

In the end, it is worth noting that the king’s journey continued in the Bigg Boss house following the departure of Mahad and Yashika.

Bigg Boss Cheran: Director Cheran is one of the most amazing contestants in ‘ Bigg Boss 3’. Although many predicted he would be leaving soon, he ran through the tough moments, hitting the show’s end and leaving the Bigg Boss house on the 91st.

Cheran, who left home, posted his first post on Twitter. In it, “I bow down my head. Thank you for my 91 days of BigPass journey. It is a pleasure to have me again as one of you. ”

Cheran is known for his mature thoughts and decisions at the Bigg Boss house, attracting audiences who make decisive decisions even in difficult situations. It is noteworthy that her character, who never gave up her integrity, distinguished Cheran from the other contestants!

The Bigg Boss show has now passed 93 days. Gavin and Laslia were talking in the bedroom yesterday’s episode, “What the two of us did.”

Last season’s contestants Magi and Yashika were the guests at Bigg Boss Home. Upon arriving home, Mahad gave Laslia a picture of his father. Lazlia, who had been smiling and happy until then, saw the picture of her dad and changed his face. Laslia stood up as she said, “Here is the task, only play good. Relationship beyond it, but all of it, postpone and play the task.” He was bored that the outsiders were blaming themselves.

Yashika then told Sherin that you should write something to someone who is your favorite competitor. Sherin wrote about Darshan. While he did not show this to anyone, the camera is very good.

“You are my sunshine on a cloudy day. I have a lot to say. You are illuminating my dark areas, ”Sherin wrote. After not showing anyone what he wrote, Bigg Boss issued an order to Yashika and Mah. Accordingly, Sherin ordered the man to whom he had written the letter and go. Sherin tore the letter and put it in his pocket without throwing it in the trash, saying this was not possible.

Unexpectedly, Darshan thought he was writing Sherin’s Letter and searched the garbage can. But, not available. Thus, Darshan was a little upset. Then he wrote the letter again and kept it safe before going to bed at night. He is expected to give it away when leaving the house.

Darshan later became the king of the Pikpas home. After that, Avi lashed out for everyone. The Bigg Boss family also enjoyed it.

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