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With the elimination process, the distance between Srimukhi and Baba Bhaskar has increased. What’s more, all the members of the house are confronted with Srimukhi. In the latest episode of Srimukhi, which starts off with a dance every morning, she is away from the dance. Even though it is going to take a long time for Srilamukhi to recover alone, she has participated in the task. Speaking to Varun about the re-nomination process , Ravi has become serious in Veeravella. Vado swore that he was a big fan. Like all the members of the house, with each other and the horses bigbas funny given the task. The top performers announced that they deserved the captaincy task.

On the first day of the task, Sivajothi entertained the mother of three chickens kissing with fun and humility. However, Mahesh gave orders to find something good and all. In today’s episode, it seems that there will be an uproar again at home. This time it was a verbal battle between best friends Varun and Rahul. What? Kudatawa .. As Varun is Serious, Rahul also seems to have shown his mouthfulness. Vitika thought that the situation was crossing arm .. tried to ease the confrontation. Promo lovers say, however, that there is nothing to do unless the clue is shown. Today’s episode is floating around whether their quarrel will continue for the task or even later!

Bigg Boss by the nomination process has large ciccune. The task of BigBass .. Full Fun has been created in the house. Shivaji Jothi as the queen of the picnic, Ravi, Varun and Rahul as sons.

The nomination process of Bigbas’ tenth week left Srimukhi feeling lonely. The tribe seems to have suffered even when Baba Bhaskar did not vote for him. I asked Baba Bhaskar about this. Asked whether he voted for Sivaji Jothi .. Baba claimed that he could not vote because he was repeatedly targeted by Sivaji as he was a strong contender, in the elimination .. Saving and crying. While Baba was saying ‘Sorry’, why did you say sorry .. Baba begged him to go away for five minutes.

Srivamukhi, the queen of the task, earns the bricks at Sivajiothi, the queen of pisanari. However, the three couples play together until the end of the game to see who can lift the high wall. If the will is finally in the hands of someone, they will be eligible for the captaincy contest.

As part of the task, Ravi-Srimukhi, Varun-Vithika and Rahul-Purnavi starred in the role. The srimukhi this task appeared reccipoyi. Nana tried to score good marks with her aunt. Vitika tried to obtain a will in Aunt Guppit. Rahul thinks this is a good time. Both conversations were highlighted as part of the task. The three sons choked Sivaji with their love.

In today’s episode, the funny thing is that this task is going to be raging tomorrow. Varun and Rahul seem to be heading into the limelight. The dialogue between the two also seems to cross borders. The fight between them and their friendship .. Will it hurt their friendship? Or not? All that remains to be seen.

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