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‘Quit home and take 5 lakhs’, this contestant quickly accepted the offer of Bigg Boss!

Bigg Boss said that now there are only 6 contestants in the show. But only one contestant will win. One will win only one grand finale and a cash prize of Rs 50 lakh.

Bigg Boss season 3 is going to start soon. At the same time, Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 also holds its special place among the fans. In such a situation, Big Boss made a special announcement in the season 3 of the Tamil show Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss said that now there are only 6 contestants in the show. But only one contestant will win. One will win only one grand finale and a cash prize of Rs 50 lakh.

After this, Bigg Boss said that an offer is being given to all six contestants. In which if any one contestant comes to this turn and walks out of the house himself, then that contestant will get 5 lakh rupees. In such a situation, all the contestants in the show fall into thinking. Tharshan thiyagarajah, Sherin Shringar, Sandy Master, Riythvika, Mugen Rao, Losliya mariyanesan Kevin Kavin and Janani Iyer all confuse in this situation. Come.

Kevin then stands after much thought. He raises the money and walks through the show. Meanwhile Lausilia, Sandy and Thurshan ask him to be patient. As such, the show has not been cleared at the moment whether the real Kevin took the decision to leave the show after taking 5 lakh rupees? It will be seen in today’s episode of Thursday, who takes farewell from the show by taking 5 lakh rupees.

Soon Tamil show Bigg Boss season will end. But season 13 of Bigg Boss Hindi version will be coming soon with Salman Khan. The show is scheduled to air on 29 September. Bigg Boss fans are very excited about this news. According to reports, so far, the names of 7 people have been confirmed as to which faces can come in front of Bigg Boss camera in season 13.

In this time show Gopi Bahu i.e. Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Govinda’s niece Aarti Singh, O Saki-Saki Song Fame actress Koina Mitra, Nagin 3 has worked in TV Actress Mahira Sharma, Fashion Fame Actress Mugdha Godse, TV Actress Rashmi Desai, TV Actor Siddardha Shukla Nadar will come. Apart from this, who else will be seen on the show, who will be known only on the grand opening day of the show.

Kavin leaves the Bigg Boss house with a tearful farewell from Losliya and Sandy.

Today is 95 days since the Bigg Boss show began. Six people – Kavin, Laslia, Sandy, Darshan, Sherin and Muken – are at home this week. Muken won the Golden Ticket and went straight to the final.

So fans were expecting a big turnout this week on the Bigg Boss show. Accordingly, Kavin left the Bigg Boss show with a major twist.

New Offer Bigg Boss gave an offer to the contestants in yesterday’s episode. He said that the person who wants to quit now will be given Rs 5 lakh as everyone cannot win the top 50 lakh in the final. Hearing this, the competitors were all confused.

But Kavin stood up to be the first guy and made the Big Boss deal okay. So fellow competitors were shocked. Sandy and Kavin tried to change their hair. But Kavin didn’t change his decision until the very end.

Kavin is leaving the house with the box in the third promo, released today. Sandy and Laslia cry and cry. Laslia prevents the red door from closing with her hand unwillingly. This causes her to get stuck in the doorbell.

Kavin, however, sheds tears of displeasure. Big Boss has melted into the promo for the song ‘Don’t go … Don’t go … I’ll die if you split’. Promo is like something romantic epic to watch.

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