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Bigg Boss in the entertainment of the people of the first kantestent Baba Bhaskar. He is the only person in the House who smiles at Anthony. But there are times when housemates feel that it is done. But even then, Anthony teased his pantheon .. fun.

In yesterday’s episode, the verbal battles took place. In today’s episode, the Big Boss house looks cool. As part of the task. Sreemukhi in the underwear .. showing the most extreme .. neck pain? Said Baba , a punch made. The house was filled with laughter.

As part of the wedding ceremony, Srimukhi gave Ravi and Baba a coffee mug on the plate. He did not, however, counter to reconsider the diabetes .. The nillantu srimukhi reverse the counter said. This made all the housemates laugh. Finally, when Mahesh asked Sreemukhi how much dowry he had to offer, Ravi said that our mother did not like dowry. The members of the house burst into laughter.

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Show has reached its 10th week. Already two months have passed and it has become even more juicy. Between Housemates, Affiliations, Bigbass Tasks, the game is interesting. There were two groups in the house up to the beginning. Sreemukhi, Baba Bhaskar, Sivaji Jothi and Ravi are one group. So Varun Sandesh got a big bang in the batch. A fight between Varun and Rahul in a brick task. They fell on each other for bricks .. and verbally attacked one another. The group was split in two.

Star Ma is releasing two promos for the BigBass episode on Thursday. In the first instance, another contender entered the house through a wild card entry. Ali Rezaane is being reintroduced on social media. Shirtless dancing in the promo makes it clear that the campaign is real. Alene seems to be coming into the house.

On the other hand in the second promo, Srimukhi shows the bridal gaze. Srimukhi-Ravi wedding glimpse of Aunt Sivajyoti Anchor Srimukhi was ashamed of the tribe on that occasion. Baba Bhaskar settles down with his head bowed in shame. He smiled as he strangled any bridal daughter. Also, Srimukhi teases the goodness of the coffee offered. There is a debate between the two sides on dowry. Baba Bhaskar, who was punched here. Even after dowry, the auto blasted jokes not to pay Rs 500. All the members of the house laugh. And what about the housemates’ reaction to Ali’s entry? What was it like at home with Srimukhi’s bridal gaze? If you know these things, wait till the next episode.

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