27-08-2019 Bigg Boss Tamil 3 27th August 2019 Vijay Tv Show: Written Episode Update

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Despite the village task, Vanitha’s focus is entirely on dividing the love of Gavin – Laslia. The Village Task has been given this week to return home to Bigg Boss. The rivals are split into two villages. Everyone is in the promo with a sandal, shirt, sari, skirt scarf. With the Village Task already playing, he will be doing the same thing again.

Question Task

In a task yesterday, fellow contestants were asked a question over and over. Vanitha then asked Gavin more questions about Laslia and Sakshi. Kavin publicly admits that he and Lazliae fell in love without covering.

Lazlia is angry

Vanitha, however, hated talking about it. Enraged, Laslia denounced Vanita. But what about the sister? He bent over and asked the same thing. It was then known that this week was Vani’s sister Target Gavin.

Vanitha Madini

In the second promo, released today, Kavin and Laslia are sitting. Vanitha comes there and complains to Cheran. Cheran also calls Vanitha as Madini.

Gavin’s Target

During the conversation, Idea tells Kavya to send the poem abroad. He says let him stay there for two to three years. Also, he smiles, saying that you can send poetry on Saturday. Kamal is the one he refers to as Saturday.

Sherine and Joint

This tract of Vanita is well understood by the people. Sherine laughs along with Vanitha on hearing this. As such, Vanita is planning to send out some poignant poetry this week. It is a sin that he has no knowledge of this week, no Evixon.

Sakshi immediately removed the video released by Kavin Thali from her social networking page. As the Bigg Boss show began this year, we published a news story called the triangle love story Canberm. Sakshi also fell in love with Abhi’s love poem, as it is true. But, in an unexpected twist, the love story turns to Abhi’s attention to Muken, who becomes a problem between Gavin and Sakshi. This issue has been causing trouble for many weeks in Biggbass. Gavin and Laslia have been very close since leaving Sakshi.

The Sakshi issue

However, Sakshi’s name is still in the Bigg Boss house. Whatever the issue, Gavin and Sakshi bring up the issue. Even yesterday, Vanitha raised some questions about Sakshi.

Gavin’s description

Gavin said that at one point, Sakshi had questioned whether he was playing for himself. Gavin also told fellow contestants that Sakshi loved him and that he was familiar with the game.


Sakshi became furious at this episode and posted a video of him tweeting on his Twitter page. He posed three questions to Gavin. ‘People may not know who the Big Boss house was originally proposing to. But fellow competitors know that. ‘

Marriage Desire

“Gavin told Sherin that if you want to see Sakshi, he’ll have to come to my house. He’s going to stay in my house.” Sakshi was accused.

Immediate removal

This video of Sakshi goes viral on social circles. However, Sakshi immediately deleted the video from his page. It is not known why he deleted the angry video.


The rivals who left the Bigg Boss house are interviewing the media about the normal things happening there. No one opens their mouths about controversial incidents. It is doubtful whether this record of Sakshi would be contrary to Bigg Boss rules.

The issue of alcohol

She had previously complained to the police that he had hurt himself and left the Bigg Boss and had been demanding money in violation of the rules. It is in this context that Sakshi has removed his video. It is not surprising that Sakshi is accused of violating Bigg Boss house secrets, as is alcohol.


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