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After Kavin’s departure from the Bigg Boss house, a video of Losliya talking to Sherin at midnight has been released.

Kavin walked out of the Bigg Boss show yesterday. After 95 days, he agreed to the offer of Bigg Boss and quit the show. Kavin’s fans feel that his money needs have been partially fulfilled.

But Losliya and Sandy tried to stop Kavin until the end. Losliya cried, as if to make the poem somehow go away. Sandy also said how much. Darshan and Mukheen have made peace. But Kavin didn’t listen. He left the show as told

Losliya is the most affected by Kavin’s departure than most of the other competitors. Gambin was crying when he left. When Kavin went out, he blocked his hand by letting the door shut. Then he lay on his bed and wept.

Darshan, Muken, Sherin, and Sandy were at peace with Losliya. On the other hand, Sandy was weeping by Kavin’s wing. Losliya, unable to withstand Kavin’s section, pleaded with Bigg Boss to take her out of the house.

But it was Bigg Boss who advised him. Losliya and Sandy feel that Bigg Boss’s home is empty without Kavin. Sandy has become a little too normal. But Losliya continues to look sad.

A video of Losliya talking to Sherin the night before Kavin’s departure has surfaced on the Internet. These scenes are not shown in the Bigg Boss episode. The video was taken at 12.40pm. Losliya tells Sherin that Kavin was all he had in the Bigg Boss house.

“We have a good friendship between us. He was really good to me. I couldn’t bear the sudden departure of Kavin. I don’t know how to play the game.

“Kavin is out for me. He’s leaving because I want to go to the Finals. But I don’t want to go to the Finals. Kavin is going to be in a lot of trouble.

All the contestants except Muken are in the nomination this week. Even though Kavin is out in the middle, we know that there will be another Evolution this week. The next moves will be in keeping with what Kamal is going to say tomorrow. It will be revealed who is going to the Biennale.

The Bigg Boss show, which began on June 23, has now reached its final stage. Kavin is now out of the Bigg Boss show with 6 lakh contestants – Sandy, Muken, Darshan, Sherin and Losliya.

Kavin, who has been traveling closely with Losliya and Sandy for more than 90 days, is ready to leave with a little more than Rs 5 lakh announced. Kavin has taken the money and left the Bigg Boss house and is automatically kicked out of the competition. Losliya and Sandy, who did not want to leave, cried out, unable to contain the cry. Losliya tried to stop Kavin with his hand on the door as he exited. Kavin did not turn a blind eye to that. The love of Losliya is not greatly appreciated.

Losliya was crying, thinking of Kavin not eating and sleeping after Kavin’s departure. Trying to convince other competitors to no avail. Sherin tried to console her by saying her problem. Losliya did not listen to that. This was followed by the Car Task. Muken and Darshan were both salesmen and Sherin, Losliya and Sandy were customers. But the fact that Losliya did not compensate for this was evident in her facial expression.

Losliya, unable to control her anxiety at one point, tearfully told Bigg Boss that she did not want to be here, let alone somehow. Talking to him, Bigg Boss said, “The only competitor will be eliminated by the people. They love you. Therefore, play for the people who watch the show and your family. ”

However, Losliya was lying in bed and crying again. Laslia could not bear the sudden departure of Kavin, whom he had long loved. She did not cry so much when Seran fell out of love with Laslia in a daughter’s race. Recently, Kavin’s mother was arrested in a money laundering case. Kavin’s family is in dire need of money. As a result, Kavin has been evicted after receiving Rs 5 lakh, according to close sources.

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