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Despite all the criticism, Bigbas did what he hoped. He sent Elimerza back home, without any polling. With his arrival, Bigg Boss House became bustling. With the arrival of Ali, Srimukhi was left alone. Once again, Shivaji had a chance to cry. Ravi sighed in joy as his jiggery dose returned. The rivalry between Varun-Viti Ka and Rahul-Rarnavi increased with the clash in the Marovai Pemo task. The four friends split into two groups. Rahul-Purnavila pair did well at first but Deela fell in the last minute after a two-day confrontation and failed to qualify for the captaincy task. However, Shivaji Jyoti, who carefully concealed his will, deserved the task.

Baba with the best performance, Ravi and Srimukhi , who built the wall with more bricks, will also join the captaincy task. For them, Bigbas gave him the ‘Colorful Captain’ task. He gave the characters four different colors. In this task, the whole house looks like a mess. If one is trying to escape, another is waiting for a chance to find them. Baba Bhaskar, who smiles at home with his own comedy, Ramullamma, who screams home with his screams, and Ravi, who is better known for his good looks. So far, Ravi and Srimukhi have never been captain. RaviBut at least not until the captaincy task. And in this task, who will be the captain of whom to paint!

Vitika and Varun are best friends until yesterday. Rahul says that we are single. ‘

Rahualdi does not feel drowsy.

They are four (Ravi, Srimukhi, Vithika, Varun) playing together. Rahul said that he won the game .. Captain Taske did not play. ‘Varun’s words do not seem dull .. He already knows how I am from the start. Chee .. Chee is so foolish? Rahul suffered from the tribe. Chances are that Srimukhi has got to be Srimukhi first.

n’t this all we play? Whether or not? I am not playing anymore. If I take the bricks, they come in and play. The uproar begins again. I don’t play why. You want me to eliminate you, Rahul. If you don’t play I will be the only one. Rahul and Rahul have been playing the game together. But if they are afraid .. Ravi, Purnavi, Vithika and Varun played the game en masse. Rahul and Renewal fall in defense.

Raised the top in the rain .. game song

Jigel Rani, Top Leapfiddy Song, and more wanted to take the steps in the rain. Vitika-Varun, Srimukhi-Ravi and Purna-Rahul performed with a performance in the song and games program that lasted about 10 minutes.

In the overall captaincy task, Sreemukhi and Ravi declared the winners of the game as the wall with more bricks. However, Shivaji’s assistant Baba Baskar has been declared as the best performer in the Oval Game. The Ravi, srimukhi, Baba Bhaskar, sivajyotilanu announced this week, the captain of the contenders in the Big Boss .

As everyone expected .. Salman Khan Ali Raza O Range has entered the Bigg Boss house with a chilling Russian presence. Ali enters the Big Boss house with a mask. As usual, the shirt whips and tingles .. Srimukhi captures him in a hug and the tribe falls. Ali’s older sister .. Sivajothi opened the tap as usual. Boru Boru weeping as Miss You Ali. Ali’s elevation to appease auco aka .. But the flood of tears did not stop. Ali shouted at Sivajiotti saying, “Akka .. I am eliminated .. not dead.” With the re-entry of Ali as a whole, the game turned into a rant. Bigg Boss Updates Continue More Details in tomorrow’s episode.

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