28-07-2019 Bigg Boss Tamil 3 28th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Vijay tv Show Kamal Hasan Live Updates

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Kamal Haasan’s promo video has been released asking if he thinks the Bigg Boss 3 should be used as a secret room in the house. A contestant is to be evicted from Bigg Boss today. Earlier, Kamal Haasan went to the secret room and looked around. In this case, a promo video for the secret room has been released. In the video, Kamal looks at the audience and is displeased with asking a question.

Promo Video

A promo video of Kamal asking the audience to see if you think they will use this secret room has been released. Asked by Kamal if he thinks you can use the secret room, the audience can say yes and the world man says you cannot.

Meera Mithun

Meera Mithun has been reported to have been evicted from the Bigg Boss 3 house. Talking about something like this and convincing the audience to do something else is the art of getting into the Bigg Boss.

Kamal Hasan

Don’t keep Meera Mithun in a secret room. The first job is to drive away Bigg Boss. The Nettysons have said that it would be okay to complain that Kamal Haasan grabbed my hand before the show ended.


When I was in college, I traveled by bus to cheer for the girls, and Saravanan Kamal encouraged the visitors to shake hands. This meme is for those who are.

Kamal Haasan asks who can save the house of Bigg Boss 3. Viewers were eagerly awaiting the release of a promo video about who will be evicted from Bigg Boss 3 tonight. In this case, Kamal did not talk about Evolution in the 3 promo videos released today.

Kamal In the third Promo video

Kamal Haasan has revealed that there will be people who ask him to save his life if he wants to talk about Evolution. Kamal also spoke about Abhirami’s weekly nomination.


When Kamal Haasan asks something, there is skepticism in the audience. All those saints who praised Saravanan’s claim that women went on the bus, should be kept in the museum. What a disgraceful Audience that the Nattisans are.


Speaking on social networks, the audience has been told not to call the chorus to save the poem. Gavin can drive the triangle love story himself. Criticism has emerged that Bigg Boss is saving him.

Bigg Boss

What a pleasure for this Big Boss to see the audience in suspense. Like talking about eviction and leaving someone out tonight. Viewers have warned that Bigg Boss will only send Meera Mithun to the secret room.

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