28-08-2019 Bigg Boss Tamil 3 28th August 2019 Vijay Tv Show: Written Updates

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Fans are delighted as the track has been transformed into a puppet show and streetcar at Bigpas. Since the start of the Bigpass event, they have been driven by love and fighting. Triangular love, quadrilateral love, drove. To combat it, Vanitha was left with a wild card entreeki fight. In this case, the new track has been replaced by Bigg Boss.

He has emphasized traditional arts such as puppetry and streetcar. Kaliswaran, an avid artist of rural arts including Poddakkalatti, Pommatalam, teaches this art to housemates.

Fans are welcome Having been trained in puppetry yesterday, it seems that today’s streetcar training. Fans have welcomed the Bigpass show’s departure from the usual romance track.

Will be comfortable Consequently something like this is good Would be interested to see He says that the actor will be able to show his talent, even for those who are desperate to become.

Sandy disguise Sandy Vesham Sema .. Darshan Awasam .. See Sema Masa For Two. Muken Luk .. Cheran Performance .. Vanita Effort .. Tonight we are waiting to see this earthquake.

Disappointed The folk art thing is superb .. But the last 30 days of the difficult task of the task is to disappoint us.

Know This is an attempt to give people a sense of pride in the arts… Going behind the curtain cast of today, we know about these artists who are struggling every day.


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