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Money is not the main need of man, but when it comes to biology, money is an important need. Even if it rattles off many people, the debt of debt ends in tragedy.

Kavin had said that he was in debt and that he had come to the Bigg Boss House for money.

Similarly, if he got the money he needed to talk to him at home. He gave up and left the illusion.

When Kavin first got up and took 5 lakh rupees and told Tala I Ready Talan, House Mats Laslia, Kavin was not willing. Sandy spoke bluntly that I too needed money. Kavin then replied that I was the first to wake up.

Sandy knows that Kavin is leaving because money is important and Kavin needs money. But he does not mind it and pretends to miss something. We understand that this is masked friendship.

Losliya doesn’t want Kavin to go away. He may be telling the truth that he has money. I quit saying I have no desire to climb the stage. Sandy, for you, he left and left .. You are not crying.

It doesn’t matter. You will not be your situation. Is this for Guilty Feeling Darshan and Muken?

Bigg Boss thinks he must tell people who voted why Kavin left. Kavin is going to talk to Kamal today. Kamal asked a question as to why Kavin left in today’s Bigg Boss Promo. So, people look forward to going home soon after talking to Kavin Kamal. It is also Kavin’s responsibility to make this clear.

The Bigg Boss 2 show has reached its final stage. Muken went straight to the final. All the others were nominated for the nomination. Kavin quit the competition with Bigg Boss 5 lakhs.
At this point, Losliya cried out, thinking of Big Boss leaving the house. Sandy gave way to Kavita as she burst into tears. The two friends in the house were pacified.

Losliya, who had been crying for two days since Kavin’s arrival, was shaking with excitement yesterday. Competitors who saw this made jokes that Losliya had gone to factory reset.

Aishwarya Dutta was the guest of honor for the release of the first look poster of ‘Aleka’. Darshan won the Thermol Filling Contest by wearing a boxing club. Thereafter competitors participated in the ‘Eyewitness’ Task Task. House mats should choose their favorites in the ballpark concessions in this task. Then the ball should be tied to the eye and kicked.

Darshan chose his favorite ‘Barotta Chicken’, Sandy ‘Grill Chicken’, Sherin’s Spa, Muken ‘Head Massage’ and ‘Losliya’ Photo of Big Boss’.

In this task, Muken only failed to score a goal. All the others succeeded in this task.

Sandy and Losliya talk, “Kavin will be happy to leave.”

Kavin, who left Pikpas’ home, has taken his mother and cousin out of bail, and is trying to get his mother out of the case with money from the Pikpas show.

Kavin is considered the most important in the now-televised pickup show.

Kavin, who was quiet, fell in love with the news after his love affair with Laslia. Kavin – Losliya’s love interest was seen prominently.

At one point the show moved on with their love for a few days. In this case, the final winner will get Rs 50 lakh. But I am currently paying Rs 5 lakh. Pikpas announced that he would be taken out of the match, and Gagin left, later agreeing to receive the money.

After Kavin’s departure, Losliya finds herself tragically at Bigg Boss’ house. Kavin is trying to save his mother, as it is reported that Kavin may return home to pickup.

Why is Kavin’s mother and family punished?

Dhamayanthi’s daughter Rajalakshmi and daughter-in-law Rani hail from KK Nagar, Trichy. She and her husband Arunagiri and her son Sornarajan have run a ticket company in the area from 1998 to 2006 without permission.

The ticket company has 34 people. In 2007, the Trichy Economic Crimes Complaint filed a complaint alleging that they were not refunding anyone and that they should be paid Rs 32 lakhs 28 thousand.

Damayanthi, Rani and Rajalakshmi were sentenced to five years’ imprisonment in the case of fraud and Rs.

Rajalakshmi, who has been jailed, is the mother of actor Kavi. It is said that Kavin was not informed of the sentence until Pikpas was at home.

According to reports, Kavin, who is currently out of the Bigg Boss house, has taken his mother and cousin out on bail.

He is said to have taken his mother out of the Trichy Women’s Prison two days ago.

How much did Kavin earn by pickups?

50 lakh will be awarded to the eventual winners of the Bigg Boss event, but a fixed amount will be given to the contestants.

Madhumita and Shakshi openly stated their money. It is said that Kavin, who was in the house of Pikpas for 95 days, could have got up to around Rs 30 lakh (including the Rs 5 lakh that Pikpas eventually paid).

Kavin has embarked on the venture, likely to release his mother from the case if she returns the money to the victims of the fraud.

He has contacted each of the victims and promised to give them a refund.

Given everyone’s money, Kavin’s mother is likely to be permanently free from punishment.

Following the success of the first two seasons of the Bigg Boss show, season 3 has been an exciting one. The event, which has reached its final stage, ends on the 6th. Actor Kavin is one of the 16 contestants who attended the event. At a time when Kavin was the epitome of friendship and romance, Big Boss offered Rs.

Why, and why? Maybe he had one more week? What caused Kavin to do this? As many have questioned, Kavin is expected to make known the reason for it today. This is exactly what Kamal Hassan says in the first Promo video released today .

Speaking about this, stylishly Kamal said, why Kavin is like Sencharu and what is it like this answer to all these questions.

But before he can say, we can guess a little. That is, recently, three members of his family, including Kavin’s mother Rajalakshmi, were arrested and jailed in a money laundering case. Kavin is said to have done so to save them.

Meanwhile, Losliya, who is home to Bigg Boss, is counting on Kavin to be outdoors. In fact, the current question is whether Kavin will be able to bear it if he knows the reason for his departure. Because there is a good understanding between Kavin and Losliya , despite their friendship .


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