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The nomination process became interesting in the tenth week of Telugu Bigg Boss season 3. Tough fight continues as four of the title favorites are Srimukhi, Baba Bhaskar, Ravi Krishna and Varun Sandesh. But with a rally at Bigg Boss House over the weekend, suspense continues as to who will be eliminated.

However, the first of the four heard that Srimukhi does not have Dhoka. Easy save every time she goes to elimination. Besides her, Varun is also a strong contender in the house. Baba Bhaskar has a good response not only in the house but also outside. This is the last week of the four of which Ettocchi is called Ravikrishna.

Bigg Boss has been playing Safe Game since Sunday. However, during the 10-week nomination process, Ravi came to the nomination with Vitika.

Meanwhile, ‘Time’ Telugu Oponion poll on who will nominate Varun, Srimukhi, Ravi and Baba Bhaskar has received an excellent response. In the tenth week, the audience gathered on who would be the ‘Eliminate’ from Bigg Boss House. 44% voted against Ravi Krishna.

A total of 7224 votes were cast, of which 44 per cent would be Ravi’s elimination. The audience support for this count is Srimukhi. Varun in second place, Baba Bhaskar in third and Ravi Krishna in fourth place this week.

Is there a comedy entertainer in Bigg Boss House? That is Baba Bhaskar. He was entertained with game songs .. In the tenth week Strong was a constant. Big choreographed the big bass house, not just making stupid steps with his choreography. But Baba Bhaskar is not Mr. Perfect to look up .. He is Baba Bhaskar and not Baba Maskar. He is a big eye-catching snowman from the Big Boss House .

That’s why Baba Bhaskar is .. Why do you think Baba Garu .. Srimukhi Nuv do not think so .. Nuv Rahul will be nominated for the whole season. Shrimukhi was horrified when Baba Bhaskar said, “Think once you are affected.” That is why Srimukhi stopped nominating Rahul.

Since then Srimukhi has been affected by the game. In fact, Srimukhi was afraid of Rahul. But Rahul had nominated Srimukhi to change his game strategy.

Before I came out Baba Bhaskar was saying, Canning, ugly .. You have very little to see about him. He is not Baba Bhaskar .. We do not understand if Nagarjuna says that Baba Maskar. But later the same was true. There is no doubt that Baba Bhaskar Canning. Pretending to be smiling. The light is said to be something that goes out of time .. but the top 5 we go. If you give 20 lakhs that do not stop. Ask him after he arrives. Srimukhi also testified.

They went to the conference room in the middle. No one knows why. He says .. I got a call about my profession. He said I could go anytime. The game plan is for him to say so. Malo is about creating Confusion. From the very beginning he believed that he had come to the Agreement for only a few years. Why did he make Corner such a light?

Ali cried once she couldn’t tolerate the nomination. Bigg Boss is not a big thing for me. Himaja called him a big canning.

Bigg Boss, hosted by Nagarjuna, has been working with contraversies ever since. But audiences at the BigBass show have been getting leaked on social media about the much-anticipated elimination part and wild card entry. Bigg Boss 3. Varun Sandesh, Baba Bhaskar, Srimukhi and Ravi have been nominated for this week’s Elimination. So .. There has been a lot of speculation on social media about how it will be eliminated this week. It is reported that Ravi will be eliminated from BigBass House this week. Bigbass is already doing well in his task. Even in voting, the bloc was low. That is why Ravi’s departure from Bigbas House this week is high. Ali Raza, who was eliminated from Alreddy House last week, has been re-entered into the BigBass house via a wild card entry.

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