29-07-2019 Bigg Boss Tamil 3 29th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Vijay tv Show Live Updates

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Open nomination for Bigpass show has given rise to PP. The BigPass home nomination process has started since today. The nomination process that has been going on so far is open today. Pigpas today gave a peek at the housemates who had come out and acted and escaped. After Vanitha left the scene of the fight in Biggbas house, Meera competed to capture the spot.

Open Nomination

Pikpasse began the task because he too was fired yesterday. Yes it is obvious who is nominated by today’s Open Nomination.

The third promo

Pigpas are going to come home with all the unnecessary problems. In this case, today’s third promo for BigPass has been released.

You are dead

Accordingly, Reshma has been nominated by Darshan and Mukesh for the stage. When Mukhen nominates Reshma, you say that you are dead and Reshma misrepresents certain things when they move from one person to another.

Cheran Best Friend

Reshma, who regularly nominates him, says Cheran’s name. Reshma has said she would nominate Seran, who was angry at him for showing anger. It is in this place that Kamal Haasan had earlier said that Reshma was her best friend yesterday.

Which Lasallia to Believe?

Next up is Sherin, who has nominated Laslia’s name. Laslia was different when it arrived, and LaSlia is different now. Lazlia Attitude shows up now. Being arogent. Sherin put on the same outfit as she did not know which Laslia to trust.

Guarantee for pipeline fighting

When Sherin speaks, Lazlia puts something in her mouth and nods her head. Today’s Bigpass event is expected to be swift, and after the nomination is over, Biggpass is expected to fight at home.


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