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Kavin Santi, who is participating in the Pikpas event, has made a comeback with her bow. Folk art has been the focus of the past couple of days in the Pikpas show, where love and conflict are the main focus. As a puppet, the streetcar has become. In this way, the housemates are trained in archery, and housemates sing archery. In the first promo, Sandy’s team will sing the bow.

Villuppattu Then the poet is silent, speechless, and the love king of the house of the Pigpas. Kasturi, who was already a wild card entry, played the love game of Viluppati Paddy Gavin. The netizens share their views on this.

Manmadha Leal Manmadhan No love king, say Manmadhaleel Manmadhannu. It is a very proud thing for him and his girlfriend. Epic love or not .. shamelessly spit on himself, that love birds. Sandy Rakesh .. Muken has always said that Amazing …

Matippateyillai Sandy’s sinful gawning is a dying tear and feel so often .. Sandy Fan no Ana Gavin’s idle brother calls Annie, but Natsin says he does not value Sandy’s advice to stay away from losliya.

Other housemates are teasing Kavin and losliya in the promo for Biggpas. Gavin and losliya are in love with Pigpas. Gavin and losliya are more likely to speak in private than when they are with other housemates. Not only in the daytime but at night both of them are in private. Many of the netizens are irritated by the love of Gavin losliya.

Fans clap Pickpas, as he did, continue to keep them as a Promo and Task. This has caused the fans to get sick.

Housemates for the Arts Gavin then asks Saffiti for losliya in the second promo released today. Muken, Sandy, Darshan.

Wash and pour netizens losliya and Kavin laugh and shyly hear this. Nitisans have seen the promo so far and Vijay TV has seen the work and now they are washing it up.


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