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Elimination is getting interesting on the Bigg Boss Show this week. This is the tenth elimination. Varun Sandesh, Baba Bhaskar, Ravikrishna and Srimukhi are among the nominees for this elimination. All these are strong contenders. This is why Big Boss fans are eagerly anticipating who will be eliminated this week. Maybe this season’s the toughest elimination ever. However, it has just been reported that Ravi Krishna will be elimination of the five.

The eliminations that have taken place so far .. The rumor that comes before the elimination every week is true. So, even this week, Ravi Krishna looks out of place. However, now another news has come out. It is reported that Ravi Krishna and another contender will be eliminated this week. There is a reason for this. Big Boss has only four more weeks to complete. But the contenders are only 10 people.

The Bigg Boss shows so far have only been in the house for the final week. On that count, five more in the last week, and five more eliminated. But if you eliminate one per week, the last six are six. Industry sources say the two are being eliminated this week. In fact, Rahul was eliminated starting this process last week. He was brought back into the house as Tooch. Ali Reza was also sent to the house.

So, this week, double elimination is inevitable. Along with Ravi Krishna, Baba Bhaskar is being sent home. The news that the two strongest contenders leave the house at the same time certainly surprises Bigg Boss fans. Let’s see what’s going on tonight!

Nagarjuna, who is known as the Sunday Fund .. Today, Bigbas house is smiling. Tasks by each one of them to create fun. Make room for anything that doesn’t exist .. But it seems like the Nag task has been given to housemates who don’t entertain us. However, the promo released to this extent is now going viral. It was the last punch of Nag’s last punch before the rematch.

The housemates’ task was to give Nagarjuna a task for the members of the house . As part of the task .. Vitika was describing her character as the suspect’s wife. Vitika commented that she was right about him. Rahul sings a song on this week’s song. Rangamma Mangamma of the stage changed the song to Punnu. Rahul fake reunion aimed at elimination .. Nagarjuna finally made a good counter to Pun. TV Problema ..? Rahul sits in the same height as you are waiting for him. This caused the housemates to crack down and laugh.

Bigg Boss House kantestent most entertaining comedy to him, Baba Bhaskar minus .. everything is changing. Baba Bhaskar is not. The housemates who came out say the same thing. Baba Bhaskar has not taken off his mask yet, he is playing the safe game and everyone wants to look good.

In today’s episode, however, Nagarjuna Baba Bhaskar seems to be in a tight class. The promo for the nomination and release of the housemates’ talk of playing back and washing is now going viral. The promo is the same .. The netizens deny that the shore show is not so much a scene.


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