3 year A group Advice sent by Masaki Sugata to Katyota RyotaRyota Kamochi ( GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE ), who plays in the role of Kai Hayato in the broadcasting drama “3 Year A Group – From now on, everyone is hostage -” (10:30 on Japanese TV system every Sunday ), starring of Masaki Suda said about costarring with.

This drama is an academic mystery that teacher Hiiragi Shigi (Sugata) takes hostage student 29 hostages and approaches the truth of the death of a student who is called “last lesson”. Kayo is playing in the play, playing the leader of the bad group, Hayato Kai.

Currently still in the drama shooting during the drama shooting, “At the beginning everyone was searching, there was also such an atmosphere, but now I feel gradually getting in the mood, I think that it is gradually becoming a good team” When we cut it out, “The front room that left the set is considered to be friendly, so we often talk about a play with everyone,” showed a fulfilling look.

In the fourth episode that was broadcasted the other day, Kai challenged Hiyiragi to fight, and there was a scene where fierce fistfights could be unfolded. Usually I was turning back to Sugada as saying, “I may not be talking about the theater so much,” but said that there was a meeting in advance regarding this scene.

“Mr. Sugata came to the dressing room with a mitt before the shoot of the four episodes and said that he would actually hit him. Mr. Sugata did a boxing movie (” Oh, Wilderness “) I think that I told you that kind of story. ”

At that time, Sugata said, “Look at your eyes and head me.” Sugata ‘s advice helped me to lead to that powerful scene. “I thought that they would respond instantaneously to the students’ words, so they never came in the form decided in advance (in advance), I thought that they would respond flexibly, It was shocking, “Sugata showed a surprised attitude.

The drama is said that members of GENERATIONS are also “funny” that they are acclaimed, but in particular, “Laughing Komori Hayabi is the most noisy” is a laugh. I heard that LINE’s interaction will also be carried out with a feeling like “You are a domestic owner” (Komori) “Please come along next week” (Komoyo) “I will not always tell you” (Komori), ” I do not seem to like it, “added Smile.

In the play, the dance scene called “morning exercise gymnastics” is also talked about. Kire of dance bias also got a lot of attention, but also about its response “I am surprised, but I am surprised, but it’s embarrassing but I was thinking that I will never get messed with because I am a group singer, but after all I’m dancing properly I was touched with “I was touched by you”, looking back happily. (Coverage / sentence: Tomohiro Mibu)


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