30-08-2019 Bigg Boss Tamil 3 30th August 2019 Vijay Tv Show: Episode 68 Written Updates

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Cheran, Muken! Mixed in Luxury Budget Task!

Bigg Boss Tamil 3, Episode 68 Written Update: Mutual Fund Coin

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Episode 68: Bigg Boss, which debuted on June 23, has been airing successfully for over 65 days.

Following last week’s Kasturi, Eliminated, there are currently 8 contestants in the Bigg Boss show: Cheran, Gavin, Darshan, Muken, Sandy, Vanitha, Sherin and Laslia.

This week the Bigg Boss house is divided into two villages. Seran, Darshan, Sherin and Gavin are divided into one village and Vanita, Sandy, Muken and Laslia are divided into one village. The traditional arts of Tamil Nadu are being taught to them. After learning it, the competitors come to it.

As the puppet show and streetcar show took place, the 67th day began with the song “Avan Ivan”, a duo duo tolu. Then, as usual, Gavin and Laslia were talking about their future.

The past ones may end up as ‘past’. He said he could talk now about the future. Immediately LaSlia ‘Tata’ to show, ”Tata Kata started right now, I will be out this week. After I go out, I will see on TV what you are doing. ”

Later competitors staged archery shows. Folk artist Kaliswaran Viluppattu taught Bigg Boss contestants on day 3. After this, Cheran joined his band and sang the first bow. Similarly, Sandy also sang about his daughter.

The Vanitha team then sang Viluppatta on the impact of the children on their parents. They finally said, “You have to learn to be one.”

The Cheran crew sang about the city’s life, borrowing too much for income. Vanitha’s team won the archery contest, honoring them and finishing the task.

Wanita tears of happiness to her father Vijayakumar. Bigg Boss then praised Mukhen, who performed well in all three art shows this week.

Gavin and Darshan were nominated for not doing well in this luxury budget task. But Bigg Boss announced that there will be no jail sentences this week. Besides, Cheran was given a Mutual Fund Coin this week which gave him many good ideas.

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