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Bigg Boss 3 Tamil has reached the final stage. Four other finalists have been announced: Muken, Sandy, Losliya and Sherin. Kamal Haasan declared this. Prior to that, he talked to competitors about what happened in those weeks.

He then spoke to Sandy about the e-dosa. Sandy poured the dosa and lifted the mosaic in his hand, causing the dosa to fall. He mixed it up with other doses, thinking it would be a waste if you put it down. The other day Pulao said he was doing it and hugged it like a pongal. When the cilantro was taken from the fridge to put the cilantro omelette, it fell into the trash. When no one was looking, he took it and cut it into the egg and gave it to the cilantro.

Sandy put in a bowl and put it in the storeroom, saying that he should eat Big Boss. When the biryani did, one of the plastic trays was burnt in the oven. House Mats kept telling Sandy’s recipes.

Losliya said that Sandy had previously told the camera that she would like to cook for Kamal Haasan, which is not enough.

Hearing this, Kamal asks, ‘What am I against you?

The Bigg Boss Show has alerted Sandy’s culinary talents to the world.

Kamal Haasan asked those present, “How many people voted….?” “Then why did Darshan quit?” Darshan said it was his favorite and only contestant he wanted to vote for.

The finalists were announced yesterday as the Bigg Boss event has reached its final stage. In this, Darshan exited Evolution with the support of the people while nobody expected.

On the show, Kamal Haasan showed everyone the name of Darshan in Evolution. No one could believe this. Everything is the verdict of the people. Darshan Kamal Haasan left the stage of Biggbas’ house.

If you are tired, here is the medicine for it. People’s applause shook the theater. Hand sliding is not a failure. Failure is not a failure. The first step of success .. was disappointing for many like me. I was skeptical of the fans what happened. I think you’ve accomplished the job correctly.

Do not give up on alternative ideas. The image of Darshan will continue to be identified. He said this was only the beginning of fame.

Kamal Haasan asked those present: “How many people voted….?” He asked. He then questioned why Darshan left after saying that everyone had voted. Darshan said it was his favorite and only contestant he wanted to vote for. Many of Darshan’s fans disagreed with the move.

Many are #TharshanTheRealWinner And #tharshan Using the hashtag, they continue to express their different views. Darshan’s departure was a shock to many, as he was looking to play Bigg Boss very honestly and be the winner.

The promo video of Losliya talking about herself has been revealed as guests at the Bigg Boss 3 home . Bigg Boss viewers have criticized Bigg Boss for not sleeping if he doesn’t show his face.

In the video, Losliya stated, the only thing I was wondering when I got to this house was how to connect with someone and not cry. When Daddy came in he thought he would give me a hug and said, ‘What was it?’

Those who have seen the video said that Losliya has come to think of Nallad. But you have behaved the opposite of what you think. The only thing that remains unjust to Kavin is to spoil your name.

your dad doesn’t like you. You continue to abandon his love for Kavin even though he denounces it. Do not just talk about something in order to speak in this situation. Dad did not find it difficult to speak. Now, why should they talk about it?

In this case, Losliya is true. He must win the title for Kavin. The Kavin Army is constantly saying that we must drive together and win over Losliya.


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