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There be a day when there will be no riots at Bigg Boss House? That is hard to say. In the course of the weekend, Nagarjuna comes and entertains time, in the next five days someone will fire something. It may be part of the task, part of the nomination process or even while talking to someone.

This is especially the case when playing tasks. No matter how many confrontations .. Again, everything will be different. As Rahul sang yesterday .. No matter how many riots .. Again, everything will be like friends. The task for today’s nomination process is just as interesting. This task, which is done with rubble gems, seems to be spread among the housemates. Mahesh is not playing the task .. Srimukhi is trying to appease him. It looks like Baba Bhaskar too is trying to make amends. And finally we have to see what happened.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 has reached the final stage with many interesting twists. The show is expected to close in four more weeks. The show, which went on until yesterday, is now rampant with good TRP ratings, giving the original sizzling maza to the audience. Recently, one of the strongest contenders in the eliminations on Sunday, Ravi Krishna has come out of the house.

Popular with serials, Ravikrishna is the strongest participant in the House after Varun Sandesh, Srimukhi and Baba Bhaskar. The campaign was also organized by a group of people demanding votes on behalf of Ravi on social media. But yesterday he had to say Big Bye to Bigg Boss yesterday. Tough elimination took place for the tenth week of the season. There has been talk on social media that one of Varun Sandesh, Srimukhi and Baba Bhaskar will definitely win the title.

Another strong contender, Ali Reza, has a chance to win the title. The reason is that Ali Reza, who once walked out, cannot be expected to win again. There is no contest between Srimukhi, Baba Bhaskar and Varun Sandesh for the title.

The Bigg Boss house was completed in ten weeks. However, some of the householders do not understand the degree. The man in the front row is Baba Bhaskar . The same thing has been said in the latest episode of Nagarjuna, Baba ‘Maskar’. Baba plans to send Ever, saying, ‘Don’t play, go away’. Baba Guttu was seen in front of Nagarjuna on the weekend of the video. With the counters given by Nag, Entertainment Baba became Kasta Moody Baba. Ravi is already one of the bigbodies he targeted. Another target is Srimukhi, who will not be nominated this week as the captain. Rahul and Varun were reunited while Nag tried to reunite the four separated friends. But it does not seem to be sparking between fate and revival.

Padakondovaranikiganu nomination process Bigg Boss He gave a little variety. He will play a game called ‘Rolle Gems’ without any toppings between them. As a part of this, homeowners have to live a simple life without any facilities. Also, every once in a while the house gets a sudden rain of stones. At that time, homeowners should collect and deposit stones with care. There’s a little twist here. Every time a buzzer passes by, those who have more precious stones than those who do not have it can escape the nomination. Similarly, collectors of low value stones are nominated. Housemates are anxious to get as many stones as possible to earn four stones in life. It remains to be seen whether renegotiation, which has so far not been very active in the task, is struggling to make a nomination.

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