31-07-2019 Bigg Boss Tamil 3 31th July 2019 Vijay Tv Show: Written Updates

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Lazlia and Sakshi are fighting for Gavin when viewers of Bigpas show go on a rampage. Bigg Boss season 3 airs on Vijay TV at 9.30 pm. Gavin said that he was in love with this. He is currently close to Laszlia, who has taken over Sakshi. Gavin and Sakshi are alternating. Now this navigation has moved on to the next stage.

Gavin who spent it That is, Laslia and Saxi exchange fights for Gavin. Gavin seems to have gotten rid of Sakshi as the skirmish between the two men begins. Disappointed, Sakshi cries tears.

Sakshi who truly loved Knowing that the world would see the show, Sakshi openly stated that she loved Kavin. Sakshi also spoke to Kamal Haasan. So, Sakshi really loved Kavin.

Competitive Laslia But Gavin said he didn’t really love anyone. He said the same thing to Kamal. He said the same thing to the Housemates. Gavin has used women as a pinch. Without realizing this, Lazlia is also tweeting her name for a match for Gavin.

Do you want Gavin? In today’s promo, Sakshi weeps for Kavin’s love. Seeing this, Nattisans don’t want Sakshi and Laslia in the title? Don’t want a gift of Rs 50 lakh? Gavin wants him, he is not that much, and he is not a person.

Lask is also smart This is Nattison, who says that Lazlia is even better than Gavin.

Lazlia is the problem Looks better than Lazlia. Gavin tried to make her cool. But Laslia says he still hates her.

Worth not He is a ruler. Why do you waste your tears?

Why? Nattisan says that the cacao kavinikku two or two of what is in it.

Sick bulla sickness Gavin is a ruler for him. He is a sick man. He will not do a blood test. He is sick.

Do you want Gavin? Sakshi, Laslia Do you want 50 lakhs, everything in the title? Do you want Gavin? What are you doing Adey Gavin Machan you too kekaren .. sattuputtunnu not an end .. kadavakkutu says this nattisan.

Not worthy of tears Game Curious. The good guy who started this game is now a strong support for Kavin. You are everyone. True or false, I don’t know about your feelings. But get out of this, don’t waste your tears for him. He’s not worth it. This is Nettison.


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