Yusuke Hatano of music
Yusuke Hatano of music

Hong Kong movie ” Who’s for the day ” which is highly evaluated both domestically and abroad, such as winning the Greater China Academy Awards 53rd Taiwan Golden Horse Awards Newcomer Supervision Awards is on sale . Yuusuke Hatano, who lives in Hong Kong, was responsible for the music , and now it is an indispensable part of the movie world of the Greater China. Hatano said that he arrived in Hong Kong for activities as a pianist and was unrelated to the movie world, but “Human being like a specimen who” I do not know what will happen in life “is a mysterious fate I talked about the survey.

Hatano was born in the United States in 1986 and grew up in Nagoya, Malaysia and Singapore along with his father’s work, and studied music at the prestigious University of Queensland in Australia. After graduation, he began his career as a pianist in Brisbane and moved to Hong Kong, the hometown of Mrs. Jean, the wife he met at university in 2011. Originally he was carrying out performances at the hotel, but the work started to fly as a result of working on the acquaintance’s short movie music.

By the way Jean was a daughter of Hong Kong’s biggest actress Shu Yam Yam, but Hatano himself seemed to have been quite disappointing in Hong Kong movie “” Drunken “(1978) or” Shaolin Soccer “(2001)” Kung Fu Hustle “( 2004) and so on, I thought that Hong Kong movies are interesting just like watching Jean with “Infernal Affair” (2002), but still actors and directors I do not know well, so she taught me.”

Among them, the great encounter was the omnibus movie “Good Take!” Set in Macau! (English title) / Good Take! “(2014). An up-and-coming rookie director is participating in the work, and with director Henry Wong who assembled a combination there is ” full power smash ” (2015), director Tsang and “July and Ansei” (2016) It was connected. And, in that “July and Ansei” ( cooperated with Peter Cam ), I accomplished a great achievement of winning the Hong Kong Academy Awards 36th Hong Kong Film Awards Awards Original Composition Award.

Hatano’s weapons are knowledge and experience gained through touching various cultures throughout the world. And it is Cantonese that I learned from coming to Hong Kong to get deep into the community.

“Especially the culture of the Greater China was inside of me when I lived in Singapore little by little and in Australia I often went to karaoke with people of the Asian community, Although I came to Hong Kong, my knowledge (in Chinese history of music) was not zero, and even a musician has someone who is self-assertive and someone who is not, but for the moment I am the director I think that the work of movie music that incorporates the opinion of myself while also presenting his opinion was suitable for him. ”

With director Won Jung who is “Days for Whom” , the above-mentioned “Good Take! I met him. Director Wong, who had participated in the project, said that he had asked another musician for music but was unconvinced, Hideo asked Hatano “to rebuild”. Hatano who felt overwhelming talent by watching a short movie by director Wong is comfortable with two answers. Since then, Hatano has been participating in director Won’s work for a long time.

“I make music while taking care of the nature of the director, for example, Derek (which is the son of the big actor Eric Tsang) of” July and Ansei “is young but experienced, knowing the black part of the society Darek Kwok who is co-director of ‘Full power smash’ is enthusiastic, so singing song about as much as a flame can be seen Won · John the true reverse is in his movie ice It makes me feel like cold music. ”

“Days for who” actually depicts the life after discharge from the main character Ton who was admitted to take measures from the care of the mother based on the incident actually occurred in Hong Kong. How will we overcome the obstinate reality, such as relationships with fathers who touch like swollen objects, surrounding prejudices, slander slander? The music of Hatano that does not invite the sympathy of the audience further emphasizes the harsh situation and the painful feelings in which tons were placed.

“The more you watch it, the more audience you fall into the feeling of falling down to ton (down to the bottom), but the director Wong overworked it, but depending on the work the producer’s intention got stronger and it got lost Although there are directors who will overtake them, directors with strong leaders like the director of Wong are really working with them. ”

Hatano was nominated for the original composition award at the 36th Hong Kong Film Awards Award even for “Who is the day for everyone”. And later, in the sought after from the film industry of mainland China, in January popular actor Han Keun starring in 25 days “The Great Detective (English title) / The Great Detective”, February 5, Jackie Chan starring The Knight of Shadows: Between Yin and Yang “and the two children in charge of the Spring Festival in China are released to the public. The boyfriend play” The Night of Shadows: Between Year and Yang ” I for the first time.

“Here we have about 3 weeks to compose and record, there are unreasonable demands, and it is often said that the schedule will be delayed greatly, but I think that the job you received is an opportunity and the respected composers Yoko Kanno who is musically interesting to the deep place can do not only jazz, electro pop, country, anything, I think that if you can become a broad musician like Mr. Sugano, I am still not at all. Bitter smile) “


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