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Vaidika requests anyone no longer to intrude of their family’s topics. Sahil lets everyone go away. He requests the stall men to play tune as he wish to dance along with his wife.all of us became bowled over to pay attention and the circle of relatives objects, however Bari Amma publicizes she named 51% of assets after her son Shirtij’s call. he’s rightful of all this, and the relaxation of forty nine% is named after Sahil. Vaidika and Sahil return home. Vaidika questions how Bari Amma can take this selection. Doesn’t she realise Shirtij is gambling video games with the family? Sahil objects that he additionally has a proportion on this belongings. He has labored hard in this commercial enterprise; and what about the proper of girls. What about Prachi’s proportion, Shruti’s proportion, his Aarya’s percentage and what about his Vaidika ji’s proportion. these ladies leave their house for his or her in-legal guidelines; can’t they make them experience relaxed. Bari Amma need to divide the belongings as consistent with due percentage; else he won’t permit it appear. Vaidika tells Aarya that is her Sahil Papa, he constantly thinks about them. He can never kill Guddu. Aarya replies Shirtij already warned her that this could show up, however she turned into fooled sufficient. He ought to now maintain his veiled face away from her. She tells Vaidika she will be able to by no means see any sick in her husband, however Aarya will continually hater Sahil Agarwal. She leaves the corridor. Bari Amma declares the department of property will take place, exactly like she decided. She arms the papers to Shirtij and leaves. whilst Sahil and Vaidika have been on my own, Shirtij warns them to practice the family well. soon they will lose the business as properly. Sahil involves Vaidika and assures after every darkish night time rises a new sun.

Next morning, Aarya steps on some nails placed straight in her way. It hurts her foot. Shirtij comes to help her without delay. Aarya notices the nails, Shirtij wonders if kids positioned them right here whilst gambling may be. He then spots the nail box, and recollects putting every nail at the passage. He indicates the field and the bracelet to Aarya. Aarya acknowledges the bracelet as Sahil’s. Shirtij says Sahil handiest indicates off a soft face. Its viable Vaidika had requested him to do all this. he is taking the bracelet to Sahil. He warns Sahil he’s going to take hold of Sahil’s daughter from him, like he snatched his father. Sahil grabs his collar, fascinating he could absolutely homicide him. Shirtij asks if he once more needs Aarya to get widow. Sahil nevertheless grabs his collar. Shirtij locations his demand, to spare Aarya. Sahil was prepared to do whatever. Shirtij wonders why Sahil loves his spouse and step daughter so much that he’s even prepared to die for them. Sahil listens to Shirtij’s demand and replies, whatever for his Aarya.

Shirtij and Sahil had taken their positions on the staircase. Shirtij confirms Aarya had just entered. Shirtij drops himself down the steps. Aarya comes concerned, while Sahil follows down the steps. Vaidika and Aarya were greatly surprised to peer Sahil come downstairs. Aarya asks if Sahil pushed him. Sahil accepts its his mistake. Aarya asks Vaidika if she still believes Sahil can’t harm her husband. She is blinded by means of Sahil’s love, however she (Aarya) now recognizes his actual face.

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